Sheree Whitfield’s girlfriend posted Bravo A Cease & Desist: You do not have permission to use my name and parable!

Sheree Whiefield and Tyrone Gilliams

Sheree Whitfield’s girlfriend sent a termination and waiver to Bravo: You do not have permission to use my name and my likeness!

New rumors problems between Sheree Whitfields boyfriend and Bravo evolve.

According to reports, Tyrone Gilliams, is said to be upset by BRAVO – so much so that he is taking legal action against the network. Reportedly, his legal team sent Bravo a termination letter demanding Real housewives in Atlanta has used his name and picture without his permission.

To date, he has not been on camera, but according to cease & desist, RHOA has discussed him in the show several times and he has been a part of a story. He believes Bravo has served on him without permission.

Tyrone allegedly threatens to sue and wants the network to remove all traces of him from ‘RHOA’ footage and postings on social media, etc.

As previously reported, Tyrone and Sheree are not on speaking terms. Tyrone, who was released from prison and is under house arrest, is said to be upset that Sheree was planning to shoot scenes with him at a restaurant. Shooting may have been a major issue for him as he is in jail.

Neither Sheree nor Tyrone has commented publicly on the matter.


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