The secret behind Booster Gold and the Blue Beetles’ first hold-up has been revealed

While Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have their own versions of their first team-up story, there is only one hero who can reveal the real truth.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for DCs Blue and gold # 4

In the latest issue of DC’s Blue & Gold, the truth about Blue Beetle and Booster Gold’s very first hold-up is finally revealed. Booster and Beetle have been the best brothers for years in the DC Universe, but that does not mean they do not have their moments of excitement. As an excellent example, they both have their own version of their first mission together, convinced that they saved the other’s life. However, there is only one hero in DC Comics who can remember genuine truth.

In DCs Blue & Gold series by author Dan Jurgens and artist Ryan Sook, Booster and Beetle reunite to form “Blue & Gold Restoration”, a new venture where they will tackle the wild and strange that the average A-list hero is not available to handle. While that may be a response to their rejection of the current iteration of the Justice League, they might be able to do something good nonetheless. Now the duo decide to do an interview in their new offices with the aim of showing the world who they really are in the new Blue & Gold # 4.


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Unfortunately, the interview is completely derailed, as Booster and Beetle both claim that they saved each other’s lives during their first mission together, while the other was helpless. While Beetle says he saved Booster from the villain known as Blackguard, while showing him the ropes when he joined the league, Booster says the exact opposite, claiming that Batman himself asked Gold to take Beetle under his wings. Unable to stand for the ridiculousness of their stories, Green Lantern Guy Gardner arrives to prove that they are both wrong, and sets the record straight with his ring records.


After Guy proves that he is the one who defeated Blackguard and saved both Booster and Beetle after Batman’s fears that they would make the Justice League look bad, the two best friends finally remember their first hold-up when Guy remember it (how it actually happened). As a result, the fact that they were both helpless before an enemy at a lower level was most recently played by Pete Davidson in The suicide group is completely funny and quite appropriate.

While Booster gold and Blue Beetle can behave as if one of them is the other’s sidekick, this new number shows that they have always been on the same level. However, it seems that the two are better together. Since lines have already been formed outside their offices, we hope their new business venture will help create a positive change in the DC universe.

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