The Surging Colts pick against the Bucs

Home team in CAPS

COLTS (+3) on Buccaneers:

You do not respect the champions, you will best get over yourself – but Indianapolis’ latest impressive rise to the league’s top tier behind RB Jonathan Taylor and QB Carson Wentz is nothing to take lightly. Bucs have the big names, but the pure Indy momentum can not be ruled out. It’s a roof, with the upcoming club.

TEXANS (-3) over Jets:

Houston is out of a gross disruption of Tennessee – taken down by five turnovers – which ended the Titans’ six-game winning streak. Presumption that the Texans can win here, but not entirely convinced that we will see any kind of large margin. The Jets have a chance of winning here, though the window is anything but expansive.

Eagles (-3.5) over GIANTS:

Serious, consistent backing, which has meaningfully moved the Philadelphia lines over the past few weeks, has proven to be well-founded, but as is often the case, it emerged a little too soon. The guests’ battle on the ground has been dominant and can not see that the home team can easily turn several seasons of uneven streak vs. Jalen Hurts and his cohorts.

BENGALS (-3.5) over Steelers:

Not overly eager to push the recently revived Joe Burrow-led Cincinnati against an experienced enemy who possesses tremendous know-how and skill – but the fare has become more reasonable as the week has progressed, and visitors are likely staring at a rebuild sooner rather than later later, given the age of more than a few Steelers stalwarts.

DOLPHINS (-1) over Panthers:

Will start giving Miami the benefit of the doubt in tight fits like this, especially against a team like the Panthers – led by Cam Newton, who has to be careful not to get too pass-happy. Like how Tua Tagovaiola develops, not being too dependent on the passport. The price is right.

PATRIOTS (-5.5) over Titans:

Tennessee has consistently risen to the occasion against better competition, while falling short against less. We’ve had consistent success investing our trust in Titans QB Ryan Tannehill, especially when he’s sent off as an underdog, but several major Tennessee injuries worry us … so for now, we need to favor a healthier side (The Pats). ), although the price is a stiff one. Check the status of key people.

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones
Patriots quarterback Mac Jones

Falke (-1) over JAGUARS:

Given two non-competitors playing the string, you’d expect Atlanta to essentially gain a clear lead before desperately trying to hold on to a waning cushion as the fourth quarter shrinks. The market seems to be in the right neighborhood, with. Jags’ often overmatched defense key factor.

BRONCOS (+1.5) over charger:

Judging from the injury reports, will lean towards the healthier side – Chargers, who in addition have enjoyed a positive run against this enemy in recent seasons in the hard-fought AFC West. By recovering from ankle surgery in the early season, Broncos edge-rusher Bradley Chubb is a key factor.

Rams (-1) over PACKERS:

Midweek action has driven Rams into a narrow chalk role as of this writing. Stacked against Matthew Stafford’s enduring back problems, Aaron Rodgers has a quarterback rating of 113.8 in five starts vs. five starts. LA, but also faces critical foot problems (toe) here. Historically, Stafford is 4-1 after two direct losses.

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford
Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford
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49ERS (-2.5) over Vikings:

What remains paramount when evaluating this week’s matchup is that Minnesota is coming out of its annual crusade match against the Packers in the Twin Cities, which they survived in an epic match. Find it hard to imagine a display showing yet another immediate performance on Minny’s top shelf, in the short term. Niners at home, on card number, should do it.

Brown (+4.5) over RAVENS:

Both sides are damaged. At current board prices, the Browns appear to offer marginally better value to the numbers released, but they have no time to lose and need a sparkling December along with mediocre holiday seasons out of several remaining candidates.


WASHINGTON (+3) over Seahawks:

Striving to form a firm stance here, given Seattle’s sustained surrender to the advanced age of its mature roster – stacked up against Washington’s terrible historic record as hosts on Monday night (2-15 straight up since 2008). Perhaps freshman quarterback Taylor Heinicke can evade the effects of the longtime blues Monday night.

Last week: 7-7
Season: 71-81-2


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