Why fans think Jesse Meester is pretentious, not charming

Jesse and Jeniffer finally had their first date on 90 Day: The Single Life, but fans felt Jesse’s behavior was pretentious and rude rather than delicate.

On a recent section of 90 days: Single life, Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona finally went out on their first real date and viewers were shocked by Jesse’s pretentious behavior. From his ridiculous outfit to his rude attitude, fans took a lot of trouble with the way Jesse behaved and feel like he’s already gotten off to a bad start. Single life season 2. Jesse may have hoped to come across as sweet and sophisticated, even though he was anything but, and the newcomer to 90 days engaged spin-off was dragged by viewers after his actions in the latest episode.

This season Single life, Jesse is pursuing a relationship with Tim Malcolm’s ex-girlfriend Jeniffer, and the two have met for the first time after Jesse took a trip to Colombia. Jeniffer hoped for sparks when she welcomed Jesse to the airport, but was surprised to find that things were a little awkward between them. Although Jeniffer wanted to feel passion for Jesse, their personal introduction was flawed, and Jeniffer looked forward to their first date night as a way to turn up the heat. However, it did not go exactly smoothly, and it was mostly due to Jesse.


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The restaurant the couple went to was quieter than they were dressed for, and Jesse especially looked like a Las Vegas magician in his glittery blue suit and matching butterfly. Fans said his gaze screamed “I want attention!” and was very out of place in the casual restaurant. Things got far worse when the food and drinks were served and the viewers felt that Jesse was behaving like a total snob. Jesse likes to project a luxurious lifestyle, but many thought he was passive aggressive while insulting the food and being rude to the waiter. In general, Jesse gave off bad vibes all night, and even Jeniffer seemed embarrassed.

Jesse Master 90 Day The Single Life

If fans thought Jesse was one and a half snob at the restaurant, their opinion of him did not get better when he and Jeniffer came back to the hotel. Jeniffer was clearly frustrated by the lack of physical attention from Jesse, who explained in an ITM that he wanted to get to know Jeniffer more before having sex or even kissing. However, the two had been talking online for a long time before they met in person, so fans wondered what he was talking about. Jesse suggested he and Jeniffer do it “paryoga”Instead, even though they started kissing pretty quickly anyway. Many viewers felt that Jesse presented a fake face to appear more sensitive to Jeniffer.

In general, fans were not impressed with Jesse’s behavior, and if he thought he came out as a cultured world traveler, he failed, at least in the eyes of viewers. His behavior was instead interpreted as pretentious and rude, and Jesse should not be too surprised. Between his faux pas dress code and pompous attitude, fans were thoroughly turned off by what they saw in the latest episode of 90 days: Single life, and many are not happy to see Jesse in season 2. This is only the beginning of his journey on the spin-off, and if Jesse continues to act as he did on the date, he will get much more criticism in the near future .

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