George Clooney thought he was going to die after his motorcycle crash in 2018

George Clooney reflected on his imminent death after his 2018 motorcycle accident and shared the morbid lesson he learned that day.

In a new interview with Sunday Times, the actor said that while he was “fine now”, at the time of the disabling accident, “I was waiting for my contact to turn off.” In 2018, Clooney was in Sardinia, Italy, filming the Hulu series Catch-22. He was riding his motorcycle to set one day when a car in front of him suddenly turned and he crashed at a speed of 75 miles per hour, causing him to fly over the handlebars. After the crash, Clooney was taken by ambulance to John Paul II Hospital with a “slight trauma to the pelvis and bruises to one leg and an arm,” according to The new Sardinia, the local newspaper. Clooney was later released but required physical therapy.

The Oscar winner went on to explain that while lying there on the road, he had a harsh revelation about the nature of the celebrity when a crowd of people around him filmed him for “likes”. Clooney explained: “If you’re in the public eye, it’s what you realize when you’re on earth and think it’s the last minute of your life that for some people it’s just going to be entertainment for their Facebook “I’m a pretty positive guy, but that’s telling me – quite clearly – that you’re really only here for their entertainment.”

He has also previously opened up about the crash in an interview with GQ last year, revealing that his only thought was his wife, Amal Clooneyand their twins, Alexander and She. “He literally turned right in front of me. I launched. I’d go straight. But I landed on my hands and knees,” Clooney said. “If you did it 100 times, maybe when you land on your hands and knees, and any second version you land is you toast. It knocked me out of my shoes. When I hit the ground, my mouth – I thought all my teeth were broken out. But it was glass from the windshield. ” He added: “My kids were like a year old and it was mostly just the thought that it was that and that I would not see them again.”

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