INTERVIEW: Salman Khan opens up for Antim, Tiger 3, Sooraj Barjatya’s next and more: ‘Comedy movies coming soon’

One Sunday night, Salman Khan walks into Mehboob Studios to promote his newly released gangster drama, Antim: The Final Truth. The superstar is in a jovial mood, pleased with the response from the audience. However, after filming for a few days in 2020, he was a little skeptical of his character, Rajveer Singh.

“I had this character in mind and knew exactly how I wanted to play it, but while recording it, I got a little scared because the officer did nothing,” he insists, adding further, “But then I gained confidence. Aayush player a strong character, and if I do the same, the effect of his character will be watered down. So mine is a laid back guy who knows his power. He gets humiliated but at the same time knows how to humiliate others. And all this happens with a smile on his face. ”

We have been thinking about that. We already have a backstory for Rajveer Singh (Prequel) and there’s also a chance for a sequel

Salman Khan

Salman had his input to amplify the impact of his Sikh officer. Was he careful not to walk across the board? “Caution is for people who do not respect. We respect everyone, so we have to glorify those we respect. And that’s what I’ve done in all my films,” he replies. Ask him how important it is for an actor to have input in the scripts, and he keeps it short by saying, “It’s different from actor to actor.” Rajveer’s number has been appreciated by both audiences and critics. Would a spin-off for this Sikh cop be a good idea? “” We have been thinking about that. We already have a background for Rajveer Singh (Prequel) and there is also a chance for a sequel, “he smiles.


Rajveer was the newest participant in Salman’s own police universe, making it a galaxy of seven. Previously, he has played cop in Patthar Ke Phool, Auzaar, Garv, Wanted, Dabangg and Radhe. “My character is also being served towards the end of Kick,” he laughs. But which is his favorite? “All my officers are different and I can not compare. In fact, I have never seen my favorite officer, his name is Abdul Rashid, my grandfather. He died when my father was 9. He was a YOU in Indore.”

Aside from Rajveer, Aayush Sharma has also been appreciated for his portrayal of Rahul in the film. Salman states that his counterpart has worked very hard for the film. “He had a lot of anger in him because he did not get a job and he has removed it all in Antim. I think that’s the best way to remove anger. The idea was that Aayush should be valued and he is been much appreciated, ”he says.

All my cops are different and I can not compare. In fact, I’ve never seen my favorite officer, his name is Abdul Rashid, my grandfather. He died when my father was 9. He was a YOU in Indore

Salman Khan

Antim is among the rarest of the rare films where Salman does not have a romantic interest. The actor explains that it was a conscious decision as Rajveer’s character would have gone off track with romance and songs. For him, it’s a movie in real space. “Be it Dabangg or Sholay – they are all real movies if you take the song and the action out. Dabangg is a small realistic film, but we took it to the next level with songs and action scenes. Also in Antim, we have improved the action scenes, as people are used to seeing a certain level of action, but in real space, ”Salman cheers.

For the past 5 years, Salman has been seen making back-to-back action movies, and a large portion of the audience wants to see him back in the family genre as Prem. Interestingly, three of his biggest openers fall at the box office in the non-action space. When he is pointed out about this trivia, Khan smiles to answer: “Yes, Sooraj’s (Barjatya) film is coming soon. No one can make the kind of film that Sooraj is making and he will soon get a script for me. That film will happen , when Sooraj comes to me. “


While interacting with Salman under Radhe, he was asked to return to the comedy genre. The actor had informed that he was looking for a good script that takes comedy to the next level. According to our sources, that hunt has finally come to an end. Prod Salman for an update, and he exclaims, “Yes, that hunt (for comedy) has come to an end. A comedy film is coming soon … Bahut Jald hogi ek comedy film (You will know soon).”

Yes, Sooraj’s (Barjatya) movie is coming soon. No one can make the kind of film that Sooraj makes … Yes, that hunt (for comedy) is over. A comedy film is coming soon

Salman Khan

Salman does not shy away from sharing a brief update on his line-up in the future. “I have Tiger ready for release next time. I’m almost done shooting after that. I’re producing about 3 to 4 films under SKF, which will start soon. They’re very good films. One of them is called Bakre Ki Eid and it’s coming at Bakri Eid, “he says with a smile. The actor believes that the Hindi film audience is very accommodating to other industries and the gulf is being bridged with each passing day.” Bahubali comes and makes 500 crore in Hindi. Our industry is very welcoming. ”

Salman believes it is important to market a film well in the present more because of the pandemic. “There was a time when I never stepped out of the Galaxy for publicity, and Sunny Deol did not step out of Juhu. But now you have to go out and tell the people.” He believes that this is only the beginning of Antim at the ticket sales, and that the collections will be stable in the days to come. “The box collections will be very good, very soon. Right now I’m with Antim until Antim Ghadi. We’ve got a clear race now. Ahan’s movie is coming (next week) and he’s going to take a few cinemas … But we’re only in just as many cinemas too, so they will not take our show. We have a clear run for 83 ‘, ”he says, adding that the film will do much better in the future.


“Release ke pehele, ek word of mouth aya tha, that I’m there in the movie for just 15 minutes. But today, people have seen the film and appreciated it, as my role is much bigger than that. I want to travel to a lot of states now to promote the film – we are going to Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Indore, Hyderabad. We are also planning a tour in Bangalore. ”

I have Tiger ready for release next time. I’m almost done recording for it … I’re producing about 3 to 4 movies under SKF. One of them is called Bakre Ki Eid and it comes on Bakri Eid

Salman Khan

There was a time when Salman was very active on social media and shared the most random things to entertain his fans. His old tweets with pictures of ants and mosquitoes have repeatedly gone viral. But too late, he has stopped these interactions on social media. He explains the reason and acknowledges: “There are about 15 people checking my post now – from lawyers to the team. Yeh Maat Karo, Woh Maat Karo. Now imagine if I go to DSK and say, ‘Yeh Makkhi Ka Photo Daalna “Hai ‘or the question’ Yeh Ant Male Hai Ki Female Hai ‘… They would say you’ve lost the plot guy. Matlab Kya Yaar.”

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