Nicki Minaj has questions about Candiace Dillard Bassett’s ‘Deep Space’ album

If last night’s last installment of The real housewives in Potomac Reunion does not make you listen to Candiace Dillard Bassett’s new album Deep Space today nothing will. Hell, even Mia promises to download her first single “Drive Back”!

When guest host Nicki Minaj asked the women how successful they thought the single would be, the answers varied in shadow and honesty, but that was when Candiace told the group that the song has over half a million streams, and when Wendy pointed out that “she is on Billboard, “that Nicki’s ears really set in. Candiace says she reached number 24 on the Billboard R&B charts and number 4 on iTunes, so Nicki asks how many copies the album sold. And this is where the confusion sets in.

Nicki explained to the women after their valid question that when someone downloads all the songs from an album, then it counts as a sold album. Candiace posted a handy infographic on her phone that she had just received the day before to report that she was selling 20,213 albums in one week. Nicki was still not quite so sold, but congratulated her on the performance.

She also asked Candiace what her selling point would be, and Candiace told her, “My vocal abilities, first. Before my dancing ability, before the performance, my vocal ability first. I’ve sung all my life.” She also admitted that she used AutoTune on “Drive Back” and other songs “for creative purposes”, and that was when Nicki asked for an acapella performance, right there and then on the couch.Candiace hesitated and first offered to sing a gospel song , but when the whole room pressed for “Drive Back”, with a little help from some fingertips, she went into it.

Host Andy Cohen beamed from the sidelines and she was greeted with great applause – something ALL the women could agree on! “I must give it up to you,” he said to her during a pause. “It was really hard. You sang your fucking song and you brought the room down. It was really good.” He also told her husband Chris: “She did something amazing, everyone cheered on her.”

In true Bravo fashion, it all makes sense why they stayed in the lovingly shady moments while the women bounced on the couches during the breaks, where Candiace was seen randomly but quietly bursting into song as she adjusted her hair.

So how good is that Deep Space album does? Very good, according to a recent press release! It reads: “CANDIACE has built up widespread hype with its debut album, Deep Space. Just out of the gate, it opened with more than half a million streams in its first week. It also remarkably became one of the top 25 R&B albums in the country, reaching # 24 on the Billboard Current R&B album list. In addition to the success of the charts, the album received praise from R&B superstars Anita Baker and Toni Braxton. “

As of today, “Drive Back” currently has over 360,464 plays on Spotify and her artist side sounds like “24,484 monthly listeners”, but that number is sure to rise soon, for hell if that song does not make you want to come back (come back!) and listen to it again and again.

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