And just like that … A new chapter of Sex and the City | Official trailer | HBO Max

I’m curious to see, even though I’ve never seen the original.

And just like that … nothing happens.

no samantha, no care tbqh

When you watch these trailers, it’s so clear what a big part of the show Samantha was, and even though it looks like it’s the good old SatC, I bet it’s not going to hit that hard without her .

It will be like any other resuscitation / restart. It might get 2-3 seasons, then it’s done.

I can not wait

I hope they drop 3 episodes or something, I do not want only one episode for the premiere

Same. I’m so hospitalized.

I’m sorry to be mean, but no matter what Kristin did, she’s left a Jack Nicholson’s Joker vibe in her mouth, and it’s very distracting.

Otherwise it looks like garbage and I’m excited to see.

Honestly, I’m fucking hyped for this and can not believe it’s coming out so fast. judge away

My ex, who described himself as a “Carrie” who should have been red flag number one, pisses himself off enough of excitement!


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