Ariana Madix on the Lala feud, complications after freezing eggs

Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix reacts to Lala Kent not following her as she freezes eggs, claiming she encouraged Tom Sandoval to get involved in the process without resultAriana Madix appeared on Scheana Shay‘s podcast at the end of last week and under the section, long Water pump rules cast member talked about his ongoing feud with cast Lala Kent.

As she opened up about the egg freezing process she went through prior to production in season nine, Ariana revealed that Lala stopped following her as she experienced complications and shared the plans she has for the 26 mature eggs that were picked up.

“[I got] 26 mature eggs. Fertile Myrtle. Because I received it so well, I got complications afterwards, where I basically had a lot of fluid in my abdomen for weeks afterwards. It took forever to return to normal. That was what I had to the point where it was Tom’s birthday and I was told, ‘You have to put f-ck down’, Ariana recalled in the November 26 episode of Scheananigans. “It was around that time that Lala thought, ‘Will you make my podcast?’ and I thought, ‘I’m so sorry I can not. This is a lot.

When Ariana dealt with “a lot of complications” after the egg retrieval procedure, she struggled physically.

“It was like a whole mess of trying to be able to do things, walk around, all that. And that’s it [Lala] followed me up. She also said she’s like, ‘I did not stop following you because you did not want to make my podcast.’ And I thought, ‘But that was when you stopped following me,’ Ariana remarked.

While Pump rules the viewers saw some of Ariana and Lala’s drama in the early episodes of season nine, Ariana said there was a lot going down between them that the viewers did not see.

“They literally showed me to show Lala the receipts, which proved that she was either a liar or what [in the Never Before Seen episode]. I called her ‘Lauren’, ”Ariana revealed. “The shit they show in the Never Before Seen episodes, I’m like, ‘This is what the episode should have been.'”

Throughout the egg retrieval process, Ariana encouraged her boyfriend Tom Sandoval To get involved. But despite previously expressing interest in having children, he never did.

“I have encouraged [Tom Sandoval] to [get involved] but as much as people think he so wants to be a father, he really does not, and he has not taken the initiative, ”she explained.

As for her plans for the eggs, Ariana said that if she wants to get a surrogate, she will, before she adds that she would love to be a donor.

“We have friends who are gay or friends who may not be able to get pregnant. There are 26 mature eggs I would be excited about [donate] for people I know personally, “she said.” I just feel like there are so many people who want kids and I think I have good genes and if anyone would use my genes to create a child, I would say, ‘Send me their school picture every year. ‘”

Water pump rules season nine is broadcast on Tuesdays at 9 / 8c on Bravo.

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