Beyonce matches with Blue Ivy, Rumi in the Halls of Ivy campaign

Beyonce Daughters Blue Rumi makes Cameo Latest Ivy Park campaign

Beyonce and Jay-Z to concert, ‘On The Run II Tour’ in Cologne, Germany on July 3, 2018. Image group / Shutterstock

Better together! Beyoncé‘s latest Ivy Park drop may have some seriously cool styles, but the special guest appearances in her launch video get all the attention.

For the latest, schoolgirl-inspired drop, Halls of Ivy, the 40-year-old fashion designer dropped a handful of celeb kids to act as models – including her own!

The one-and-a-half minute video showed some super chic blazers, sick sweatsuits and amazing camo pants, but there’s a tiny clip in the middle showing Queen B and her two girls rocking matching ensembles with tough clothes – and it couldn’t be cuter!

Blue looks calm, cool and collected and puts out a soft smile while wearing a football. After all, she’s a professional when it comes to modeling.

Beyonce Daughters Blue Rumi makes Cameo Latest Ivy Park campaign

Beyonce and daughters Rumi (v) and Blue Ivy (r) in the new Ivy Park ad. Youtube

The 9-year-old has made guest appearances in a handful of other campaigns with his mother. Not only did she star in the Winter Park and Rodeo Park videos for Ivy Park, she also appeared in Beyoncé and Jay-Z‘s Tiffany & Co. About love video.

For this latest concert, however, the little one looked quite grown up. Her hair was blown straight out with two tall pigtails to really drive the boarding school theme home. Rumi, 4, on the other hand, was carried in Beyonce’s arms.

Of course, fans could not get enough of the adorable family picture. “BLUE AND RUMI TAKE OVER YUPPP,” commented one user on Ivy Park’s Instagram account, while another said, “OMG RUMI GROWED UP. I CANNOT.”

While these two stole the show, a handful of other stars got started. Reese Witherspoon’s son Deacon and daughter Ava got a spot in the promo video.

That Morning show star even went to Instagram Stories to give his kids (and look-a-likes!) a shoutout. “I’m spying on @avaphillipe and @deaconphillipe in Beyoncé’s house,” she wrote.

Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s daughter Natalia also got a starring role – and of course her mother had to brag. “I love this @nataliabyrant @beyonce !!! Xo, ”she added the subtitle to an Instagram post of the video.

The collection is set to go live on December 9, making it the perfect Christmas gift. But there is a high probability that it will sell out pretty quickly, so be sure to set your alarm to 6 p.m. 14 – sharp. Because a quick glance at the comments section makes it clear that fans are already planning their purchase.

“I’m about to go bankrupt I can see !!!!” one person joked while another added, “Why she keeps trying to crack our pockets every 3 months it seems.” Another said, “I AM HERE FOR ALL THIS.”

Similar to Beyonce’s Rodeo Park collection, the drop will include clothing options for men, women and children. The child sizes range from 2T to XL, while the rest of the series is available in XS to 4X. There are also gender-neutral options.

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