Billie Eilish does the Vanity Fair interview – year five!

It’s funny how she every year seems to feel so different from the previous year. Must be the teenager in her lol

from my seat in the late thirties it was fun to see a 19 year old laugh and say to their 16 year old I “this poor kid”

It’s the haircut for a 55 year old diplomat wife I know she’s ~ older now but it’s too much lol

My first thought

The first thing I thought of when I saw her haircut:

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the aperture appears to fade

I mean, when her own brother calls her, she definitely had to stop talking like that

It seems that the whiteness is about to subside.

so white that if you do not focus your eyes, her skin and hair blend together and it looks crazy

I’m very glad she left it

that haircut reminds me of miss hoolie from balamory

her latest hair is very mary-kate and ashley in our lips is sealed to me lmao

The blonde is so dull compared to her previous hair, but it’s forgivable as everyone who colors eventually goes through a platinum blonde phase. That haircut is a tragedy. That’s the style they gave every 30. something on sitcoms in the early 00s. She just lacks chunky highlights and bootcut jeans

I do not consider myself a fan of her, but I see them every year, and (apart from the aforementioned blaccent) she seems quite honest and genuine, and it’s cool to see her gain confidence and self-confidence with each passing year .


I do not like that “bitch” is still such a widespread word, but in connection with being vaccinated for the sake of public health, I am here for it

Her hair gives the politician’s wife

I think someone here mentioned Alice from Twilight about this haircut and .. yep! laugh out loud

I like these interviews, it’s interesting to look back on all the shit you thought was real when you were a kid and see how much has changed. She seems to be very honest.

I think someone here mentioned Alice from Twilight about this haircut and .. yep! laugh out loud

😱 That was it! That’s the look lol

for some strange reason, her being completely blonde reminds me of Emily from the good mythical morning team (which is strange because Emily is redheaded).

I think darker hair suits her much more than this washed-out blonde. The color and the cut age her, the girl does NOT look almost 20.

I forget she’s still 19. The talent at such an age

I also had this strange phase when I was here at an age where I looked and ‘acted’ far more adult than I actually was. She will probably look back on that next year with a little humor.

I definitely really like this series, even though I do not like her much. It’s such a great view of growth.

I’m trying so hard not to judge people by their fashion choices … but that hair … it gives me high school in the mid – late 00’s, mothers of some friends, nightmares. I want to run away


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