Chad Reads widow’s lawyer releases video of Lubbock shooting – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

William “Kyle” Carruth’s lawyer made a statement Wednesday in response to the release of a video of a deadly shooting on Nov. 5, saying the shooting was self-defense.

Carruth was mentioned in family court as the man who shot and killed Chad Read, 54, in the 2100 block on 90th Street. Police have not filed charges, nor have police said publicly whether investigators believe the shooting was self-defense.

The video was released by Reads’ widow’s lawyer, Matthew L. Harris. It depicts the confrontation between Read and Carruth in moments before the shooting. In the video, Carruth told Read to go. Carruth steps out for a moment to get a gun, while Read had heated words with a woman identified in Family Court records as Reads’ ex-wife.

WARNING: The video below may disturb some. The viewer’s discretion is advised.

The video may disturb some. The viewer’s discretion is advised. beeped some bad language and blurred the moment for the last two shots.

Read and the woman quarreled over custody issues.

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