Colton Underwood reveals his thoughts on an LGBTQ + lead

Bachelor alum Colton Underwood, who previously came out as gay, revealed his thoughts on whether the franchise will ever have an LGBTQ + lead role.

Colton Underwood revealed his thoughts on whether The bachelor franchise will ever have an LGBTQ + lead. Colton started his Bachelor travel on Becca Kufrin’s season where he was open about being a virgin before leading season 23. He ended up choosing Cassie Randolph and the two dated for over a year before ending things. Things did not seem to end amicably between the two, with Cassie filing a lawsuit against the former footballer for putting a GPS tracker on his car. Colton later came out as gay on Good morning America, and stated that he has always questioned his sexuality. Netflix is ​​releasing a series called Coming out Colton, which premieres on December 3, and features a scene where Colton comes out to his father.


Colton is currently dating political strategist Jordan C. Brown. The two were spotted vacationing in Hawaii together in September. Footage of the two showed them kissing and hanging out together. Jordan had even been featured on Colton’s Instagram before being seen together in Maui. It was theorized that Colton and Jordan met through a mutual friend, Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy. No matter how they ended up together, more of Colton’s dating life will likely be shown on his upcoming Netflix show. While some fans are still uneasy about how Colton treated his breakup with Cassie, others are happy Bachelor alum and Jordan’s new conditions.

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Colton recently opened up on whether or not The bachelor will feature a gay starring role. “ONEAs for an LGBTQ + cast, I really do not know. I would hope. I really wanted to“Colton said AND. “I think it would work. I think if people gave it a shot, the show could work. I really think America is ready for that too.“Although he admitted to having regretted some of the things he did on the show, he is also grateful for where the journey took him.”I do not know if I would have ever come out, and I do not know what my life would have been like if I did not put myself in the positionsaid Colton. As for his new show, he thinks it’s a way to take his narrative back, instead of having it told to him.

Demi Burnett, who participated in Colton’s season, openly dated her boyfriend, Kristian Haggerty, d. Bachelor in paradise, but eventually ended their relationship. Colton also talked about how people have a harder time understanding bisexual people, like Demi, than they have homosexuals. “What I also learn in society is that even Demi’s situation, America can relate, can understand homosexuals, [but] they have difficulty understanding bisexual people,“Colton said. He also said he faced backlash for dating women in his season before coming out.

Though The bachelor franchise has shown people in the LGBTQ + community in the show, as Demi on Bachelor in paradise, they have never chosen a gay lead role. The show only recently featured a Black Bachelor, so they are slowly making progress in adding more diversity. Hopefully Colton is right and fans will get to see a gay man Bachelor or Bachelor soon.

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