Destiny 2’s expansions disappear from the Xbox Game Pass

Destiny 2: Forsaken's Cayde-6 looks tired and battered.

Picture: Bungie

Fate 2 has a reputation for be intricate and blunt, even among live service games, and things are getting even worse when it comes to its expansions, with integrated parts of the game arbitrarily built behind old products.

The sci-fi MMO has always struggled with this to some degree, but two recent developments have brought this to the forefront. First, developer Bungie announced that it would vault most of 2018 Abandoned expansion and resell the remaining content under a new title called Forsaken Pack. Second, the study announced Fate 2‘s expansions will leave the Xbox Game Pass, meaning millions of gamers will now actually have to take time out of their limited lives to figure out which pieces to buy to continue their journey.

So here is the full overview:

  • Fate 2 is apparently free but contains very little since most of the content was vaulted last year.
  • Abandoned costs $ 25 until December 7, when its campaign and Tangled Shore location will be free.
  • The rest, including the Shattered Throne dungeon, Last Wish raid and exotic items, will continue to be sold as the Forsaken Pack at an as yet unpublished price.
  • Shadowkeep is a $ 25 expansion that includes a campaign, Pit of Heresy Dungeon and Garden of Salvation Raid.
  • beyond the light costs $ 40 and includes a campaign, Deep Stone Crypt raid and Stasis subclass.

As Forbes author Paul Tassi recently confirmed with Bungie, you will need to purchase one of these extensions to unlock the middle class trees (read: lots of magic abilities), and due to a Black Friday deal in progress at the momentt, you can get Destiny 2: Legendary Edition which includes too much for $ 31, a decrease of 60 percent from the regular price of $ 80.

Until recently, what is equivalent to that Legendary edition was available to all Game Pass subscribers. But it disappears on December 8, the day after the upcoming 30-year anniversary package goes live (even even an additional $ 25). At that point, people like me who have never given any of this an extra thought will have to drop a good deal of changes to stay on Fate carousels, especially if the current Black Friday discount expires before then. It would be an easier pill for me personally to swallow if I had not already paid for all these things on PlayStation that I go back and forth between thanks to cross-progression.

This is increasingly confusing for the new player trying to jump aboard in the middle of the trip and who also has to spend an additional $ 10 on the Season of the Lost Battle pass to get the money worth it. It’s all part of Bungie’s bizarre way of making money the whole package of content comes in next year The Witch Queen expansion.

Do you want to unlock certain extra dungeons? Be sure to buy the Digital Deluxe Edition. Want to experience Abandoned‘s wonderful story campaign before it disappears in February? Wait until December 7, when it will be free. Unless you’re a Game Pass subscriber, in that case you can access it now, but you’ll need more money to keep it that way from December 8th.

Beginners in this game-as-a-service hell landscape could be forgiven for thinking that the easiest way to cut through the shit would be to simply pre-order 2022’s Witch Queen Deluxe + Bungie 30th Anniversary Package for $ 100. It should contain everything in the recent past and foreseeable future, right? Spoiler: it does not.

That does not have to be the case, and yet it is, for it is Fate.


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