Halo Infinite’s February event may have been leaked and I hope it’s a step up

Alleged dates are February 8 to February 21, 2022

So Halo infinite‘s multiplayer is out and you have to take the good with the bad. The very foundation – the gameplay – which is what matters most to many people, is good! But the progression system is unnecessarily bad. It includes the way the current inauguration is unfolding right now. Based on a leak, Halo infinitethe february event does not seem to be doing much better.

Discovered by the famous shooting-delicious Fire Monkey, the details of the Tactical Ops event may have come to light. It will apparently run from February 8 to February 21, 2022 with a potential playlist of slayer stalkers, slayer commands, slayer sidekicks and slayer misses. Once again, the “store” (the one that charges credits / cash for gear) will have items available.

Right now, 10 rows have been revealed for Halo infinitethe February event, and the rewards include a pose, coating (armor coloring), a helmet, a helmet bracket, a nameplate background and stock XP bonus and challenge replacement consumables.

Note that all of this can be a placeholder / temporary and can be reworked at any time. But as it stands, it’s similar to the Tenrai event that’s going on now when it comes to the overwhelming reward system. Out of the 10 rows shown in the leak, five of them are only XP and challenge amplifiers.

If it goes so slowly again, it will be unbearable to unlock power-ups to get to the good stuff.

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