Kandi Burruss was live with TI, Tiny Harris, Toya Johnson and Rasheeda Frost

Kandi Burruss was live on social media with Tiny Harris, Toya Johnson, Rasheeda Frost and TI Watch the video here.

‘I jumped on LIVE with @majorgirl @toyajohnson @rasheeda & @ troubleman31 It’s so important that Atlanta & City of South Fulton come out and vote tomorrow, November 30th for the mayoral election! Vote #AndreDickens on the Mayor of Atlanta! @ andre4atlanta & Vote #Khalid for City of South Fulton’s Mayor! @khalidcaresusa, “Kandi subtitles her post.

Someone said, ‘I’m glad stars are telling people to vote locally too, we seem to be waiting for the presidential election, but it’s very important to vote locally this year.’

A follower wrote this: ‘Hey Kandi! Sends Good Vibes many blessings all the way from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. ‘

Another commenter said, ‘Hi Kandy love your San Diego Ca hair and makeup,’ and one commenter said, ‘I was here, these women just stay in the game and do it right, and get them done yo’.

Another said, ‘I’m logging in from Long Island New York, Hamptons.’

A supporter said: ‘I think it should be certain locations for studies. No, it’s not a problem to have studios in your home, but the sound proves, but if something happens, you’ll be 100 percent beaten. Also, strip clubs should be closed 100 percent throughout the United States federal and state and worldwide Africa. A woman is valued, and seeing her strip does not show that we value a woman’s body at all. ‘

Kandi Burruss tells people to go out and vote. Check out the post she shared on her social media account below.

‘November 30th is the BIG day to vote for the new Mayor of Atlanta and also Mayor of the City of South Fulton! It’s important that you vote! @ andre4atlanta for Atlanta’s mayor! @khalidcaresusa for #CityOfSouthFulton, “Kandi subtitles her post.

In other news, Kandi Burruss shared some photos from her brunch before Thanksgiving with the ladies. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

‘Before Thanksgiving brunch with the team! I’m grateful for these girls, ‘she said to her post,’ said Kandi.


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