Lincoln artist brings to life a 250-year-old oak tree with a stunning sculpture

A sculptor living in Lincoln has two new wood carving creations that have given new life to old tree trunks in the city.

Christian Andreolli, 56, carved his latest creation using an oak that is a quarter of a century old and hopes it can be used as a sculpture in Lincolnshire.

The design is called Farmlife and depicts a goat, pig and horse woven together in one wooden sculpture that stands 3.2 meters high, after being cut out of a 4.1 ton English oak trunk.

A look at the giant tree trunk Christian carved to create Farmlife. | Photo: Christian Andreolli

Christian said it took him 16 days to make the sculpture, using at least 20 chains to remove ingrown metal nails from the tree that go back over 100 years.

He said of Farmlife: “This oak had grown slowly without fungus or other diseases, it had to go away because it was too close to a house in Legsby.

“The buyer of the sculpture can now enjoy the view of the artwork for another hundred years, and I would be very happy to see it remain in the county as a landmark or eye-catcher.”

He hopes this sculpture ends up staying in Lincolnshire when purchased. | Photo: Christian Andreolli

Lincolnites wrote a feature about Christian’s amazing work last year, where he looked at the many creations he has made from wood since moving to Lincoln from Austria in 2019.

He has previously made garden benches for pubs, carved monuments to Woodside Wildlife Park and animal designs for private clients.

Christian’s hand sculpture was made for the Lincoln Business Signs Express, and it sits proudly outside its offices. | Photo: Christian Andreolli

This latest creation is also announced, along with another design by him, which is a three-meter-high carving of a hand, for sign experts Signs Express in Lincoln.

The design sits proudly outside the company’s offices on Wrightsway and was carved using a three-ton ash trunk.

Christian pictured here with the finished product. | Photo: Christian Andreolli

Visit his website to see more of Christian’s portfolio or book him to order a sculpture.

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