Marvel welcomes Harry Styles to MCU with official Eros poster | Movie

What is the official expiration date on spoilers these days? Walks past Marvel’s latest poster for Eternal, it would be something in the neighborhood of two and a half weeks for a cinematic release – because Marvel Studios has just officially announced something that has (or theoretically should have been) secret for weeks. A major casting novelty that – for various reasons – entered the world much faster than it should have been is now in the ‘official marketing material’ stage. By that we mean that we can now finally talk about Harry Styles joining MCU.

Harry Styles - Eros poster

In case you has not set Eternal yet, and plans to capture it while it’s still in theaters – here’s yours SPOILER WARNING before we dig into how and why below.

Still here? Then we can discuss Eternal‘mid-credits sequence, which sees pop superstar Styles rock up as Eros – “the brother of Thanos” and “Royal Prince of Titan”, aka Starfox – on the Eternals’ ship, Domo, with a mission in mind. We will not divulge exactly what it is here, but if it seems to suggest something for one Eternal sequel, the tone of the scene suggests that he might be just as at home with Guardians Of The Galaxy …

The poster marks the official confirmation of Styles’ entry into MCU – but the social media’s call for you to ‘see Harry Styles at Marvel Studios’ Eternal”Should probably come up with a warning that he is on screen for a full 30 seconds after the main movie itself is over. Still, the short cameo marks Styles’ second film role after making his film debut in Christopher Nolans Dunkirk – although he has a much bigger role on the way in Olivia Wilde’s next film, Just calm down darling, to i 2022.

Either way, it feels good to finally say it out loud: Harry Styles is officially part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thank God no one gave that information out until the audience had a chance to actually see the movie!

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