McKay Bay Body Parts Horror: Shocking new details about Florida man accused of tearing woman apart

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Last Wednesday, just before Thanksgiving, Tampa, Florida residents had one last thing to be thankful for – police had a suspect in custody for the gruesome murder and mutilation of Stephanie Crone-Overholts. And now that the arrest warrant has been released, there should be much less doubt among Floridians.

When a leg and other as yet unidentified body parts were found by fishermen on Nov. 11, police kicked in high gear to investigate the case. Through the release of a photo of a distinctive tattoo with the names “Sean and Greg and Zach” with hearts, the native Pennsylvania family was able to identify her quickly – especially since they had already filed a missing report on her.

Tampa McKay Bay tattoo of body parts legs
(c) Tampa Police Department

After learning the identity of the murder victim, police tracked down her last known address, a home in Lutz (an area about 15 miles north of Tampa) owned by Robert Kessler. He told police the same thing he told the press: he had met Crone-Overholts in a McDonald’s parking lot and learned that she lived in her car. He offered her a place to live, and she moved in with him and his daughter for a few weeks.

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However, he told the media that he had to ask her to leave because of her personal problems. He told police he was coming home on November 5 and she was gone and he did not know where she was going. These statements do not necessarily contradict each other – but what Kessler rubbed against was the other evidence. Look, the police checked his cell phone data, and it showed that he and Crone-Overholts were using the same cell tower that night. Not only that, her last call was to his number.

Kessler’s 8-year-old daughter did not help him with her statement to police. She told investigators her father had received several calls from Crone-Overholt on Nov. 5 while he was at her gymnastics class with her. She also claimed that the last time she saw her housemate – in just one week, by the way – was that night. She said Crone-Overholts asked her father for $ 200, and the two got into an argument. Her father asked her to go to bed and that was the last time she saw the woman.

The next morning, her father told her that the 47-year-old had been picked up by a boyfriend. According to his daughter, Kessler threw some of the woman’s belongings and put others into the trunk of her car. Then two days later, on November 7, he drove the car away – he said he should return it to Crone-Overholts.

But surveillance video showed a man resembling Kessler driving a similar car into a parking lot, opening all the doors and trunk and removing a bag. Kessler’s cell data showed that he was in the same area as the plot, the 2200 block on E Bears Avenue in Lutz. Not only that, two witnesses said they were fishing in McKay Bay that day – about a 20-minute drive from Lutz – when they heard splashes in the water. As they searched for the source, they saw a man throw a bag into the water. That man matched Kessler’s description, and the car he was driving matched Crone-Overholts’ vehicle. Later, police were able to confirm the witnesses’ testimony with Port of Tampa surveillance footage.

Two days later, another witness said he was paddling in the area when he saw a man dumping trash cans into the water. He paddled to the trash cans, he told investigators, but did not open them because the smell was so bad. Investigators were able to locate the bins based on the witness’ report and locate what was left of the victim. An autopsy showed stab wounds, including defensive wounds; The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office was able to definitively declare the death a homicide.

All of this, of course, led to the police getting a search warrant on Kessler’s home and vehicles. They found blood in both – and linked it to Crone-Overholts through DNA. There may even have been blood in Kessler’s young daughter’s room – he told police he had recently renovated it and installed new carpet. Police had seen and heard enough – they made the arrest and charged Kessler with second-degree murder and misuse of a corpse.

The Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office is requesting that Kessler be detained without bail. A hearing on Wednesday will determine whether he is allowed to post bail and leave – and see his daughter.

[Image via FOX13/YouTube/Tampa Police Department.]

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