Michigan School Shooting Live Updates: The latest from Oxford High School




At least 3 dead in shooting at Michigan High School

Authorities said a 15-year-old second student opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol at a school in Oakland County, Mich., North of Detroit.

“Around 12:51 today, we received a 911 call from an active shooter in high school. Deputies took a suspect into custody within five minutes of the original 911 call. They found a gun from the suspect. The suspect fired several shots. There are several victims. It’s a shame I have to report that we have three deceased victims right now who are all believed to be students. We have six others who were shot. One was a schoolteacher. us no resistance when he was remanded in custody. ” Reporter: “Was this a student?” “Yes, it is a 15-year-old student who was a sophomore in high school. There was an orderly evacuation. The school did everything right. Everyone stayed in place. They barricaded themselves.”

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Authorities said a 15-year-old second student opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol at a school in Oakland County, Mich., North of Detroit.CreditCredit…Todd McInturf / The Detroit News via Associated Press

Three people were killed Tuesday when a student opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol at a high school in Oakland County, Mich., North of Detroit, according to authorities, who said they had taken a 15-year-old student into custody. .

The dead are all believed to be students, said Michael McCabe, a sheriff in Oakland County, at a news conference.

Authorities received the first of more than a hundred 911 calls about the shooting at 6 p.m. 12.51, said Undersecretary McCabe. He said the gunman was another student at the school, “gave up without any problems” and was remanded in custody within five minutes.

In addition to the three students killed, six others were injured, including a teacher, he said. The condition of those injured was not immediately known, but some were taken to local hospitals, authorities said.

The gunman, whose name was not immediately released, fired 15 to 20 shots with a semi-automatic pistol, authorities said.

Undersheriff McCabe said one of the deputies who helped take the gunman into custody was given the task of patrolling the high school full time.

Credit…Eric Seals / Detroit Free Press, via USA Today

The gunman “invoked his right not to speak” and asked for a lawyer, said Undersecretary McCabe. Authorities said they did not believe he had planned the shooting with anyone else. They said they were still investigating whether it was a random shooting or a targeted one.

“It’s a very tragic situation,” said Undersecretary McCabe.

He added that “the school did everything right.”

“Everyone stayed in place,” he said. “They barricaded themselves.”

Tim Throne, Oxford Community Schools superintendent, said at the press conference that he was “shocked” by the shooting.

“It’s devastating,” said Mr. Throne.

After evacuating the school, authorities said they were conducting a second and third search of the school to look for more victims.

Footage from local television news coverage showed a large police presence, including the sheriff’s deputies and Michigan State troopers, outside the school, located about 40 miles north of Detroit.

The sheriff’s deputies with long weapons patrolled the school grounds, and the emergency doctor arrived in two helicopters. Emergency doctors brought a stretcher into the building as at least half a dozen ambulances were waiting in the parking lot.

“This afternoon there was an active shooter at Oxford High School,” Oxford Community Schools said in a statement according to WDIV-TV, a local station. “The Oakland County Sheriff’s Department has secured the spot.”

Students and staff were “systematically evacuated” to a nearby Meijer store where they could be picked up, the school district said.

Bobby Maldonado, a spokesman for St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital, said the hospital treated a victim of the shooting. “Beyond that, I can not give descriptions of respect for the family,” he said.

Maria Cramer and Christine Chung contributed with reporting.

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