Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is selling more than $ 285 million in Microsoft shares

Nadella sold nearly 840,000 shares of Microsoft just before Thanksgiving, giving him a profit of about $ 285 million, according to a archiving with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He still owns more than 830,000 shares Microsoft (MSFT), which is currently worth about $ 280 million.
It makes sense that Nadella would take some money off the table. After all, Microsoft stock has outperformed this year, rising more than 50%. Home depot (HD) is the only Dow stock that has done better.
Microsoft has enjoyed it strong sales and earnings thanks to the cloud leadership position it established since Nadella took over as CEO in 2014. The company is now worth more than $ 2.5 trillion. With Microsoft rival Apple (AAPL) has a higher market value.

And Nadella has been nicely compensated for her successful tenure at Microsoft.

According to Microsoft’s latest annual shareholder proxy declaration filed with the SEC, Nadella earned a salary of $ 2.5 million this fiscal year and has a total annual compensation package, which includes stock rewards and cash incentives, of nearly $ 50 million. Nadella also earned more than $ 40 million over the last two fiscal years.
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Under Nadella, Microsoft has expanded its Azure cloud device. The company is also minting money from its core Office 365 suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other enterprise software, as well as from its LinkedIn corporate social networking device and Xbox gaming division.

Microsoft was not immediately available for comment on Nadella’s share sale. But the company said in statements to other media that Nadella sold the shares “for personal financial planning and diversification reasons.”

The share sale also comes shortly before Microsoft’s home state of Washington is to implement a long-term capital gains tax of 7%.


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