Sea of ​​Thieves will now let you bury your prey

Rare dropped a preview video today outlining new features coming to their co-op pirate simulator later this week.

Sea of ​​Thieves now offers the most primary of pirate fantasies: burying your own treasure, complete with an auto-generated map to find it. The system conveniently connects with multiplayer, so you can share your treasure cards via a questboard. When other players dig up and collect your treasure, you both reap the rewards. It reminds me of other asymmetric multiplayer systems like Death Strandings shared cargo transports or Dark Souls’ messages.

bury some prey

Replacement: Buried (Image credit: Rare)

Rare has also added cannon-fixed rowboats to the Sea of ​​Thieves, offering new strategic options in ship-to-ship combat and boarding. Get close to an enemy ship with a hard-hitting boarding vessel made up of 40% cannon.

a boat that is mostly gun

Now it’s just a boat strapped to a gun. (Image credit: Rare)

As for minor changes, a new whisper feature will let you speak humorously through the wrong end of your interim megaphone to address close buddies (useful in a game of proximity-based voice chat). Your tired pirates will also have the opportunity to sit down and even take a nap, violations result in a minimum penalty for wiping the poop deck. The most interesting of these minor changes to me is the addition of ship rats, which will escape to the upper decks when the lower ones fill with water during combat, a creative little detail that can also serve as an early warning sign of a hull to be repaired.

pirate whispers down from his megaphone in first person

Something you would like to share with the class? (Image credit: Rare)

The addition of a convenient “take it all” option to storage boxes will be a welcome quality of life change, and the video ends with the announcement of a fun and immersive addition: the characters ‘mouths will now move in sync with players’ voice chat input. These all look like nice little changes to round off Sea of ​​Thieves’ cheerful multiplayer, and we’ll see for ourselves how they change the experience later in the week on Thursday, December 2nd.

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