Sons of the Forest has a brand new trailer and release date for May 2022

The PC version launches on May 20th

Status updates have been few and far between Sons of the Forest, the sequel to the freaky mutant survival game The forest, but Endnight shared a big one today. After a lot of wondering, it turns out that it has a pretty close release date, at least in terms of the first PC launch. Sons of the Forest is on its way to May 20, 2022, which is not yet crowded.

The third trailer for the game debuted on IGN today. Watch out for the latest clip spoilers!

There is something about things breaking down in a cave that really triggers my paranoia, not to mention something about trees and shrubs rustling suspiciously. That said, the meaty freakos are starting to lose their fear factor a bit after securing a base and enough weapons – and a gun-toting companion. It is not a mark against the game as much as a reassuring inevitability. I want to be scared, restless and surprised, but considering this is still a survival game, I also want to eventually overcome those moments so I can, you know, relax a bit.

Last we heard from a tweet at the end of October, Sons of the Forest ideally, it would have been a release by the end of 2021, but the team needed more time. The developers saved a couple of screenshots into that message, including the nicely lit inventory pictured above, another creepy one with a head missing its body, and a picture showing a spear hitting a pair of sea turtles. I want to do a lot of spoiled things in video games, but I do not want to.

Strangely enough, Sons of the Forest still does not have a Steam page – or an Epic Games Store listing for that matter – so we’ll have to circle back to see how the launch can shake off. The forest built up a significant audience on PS4, but right now it seems that PC is a priority. I also wonder about early access; are they jumping to a full release?

We’re up two years since the sequel was unveiled at The Game Awards, and fans of The forest is more than ready to merge. “Fight demons,” in fact.

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