The 10 most iconic rivalries, ranked

The amazing race is a competition reality series in its purest form. The format is that two-man teams compete against other two-man teams through one Around the world in eighty days-like globetrotting adventure. Over the course of more than 30 seasons, the audience is constantly drawn back to see the dynamics that the teams want themselves and with other two-person teams.

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The funniest of The amazing race dynamics come when teams develop rivalry with each other. It is another level of great interpersonal dynamism. Some of the rivalries are really so iconic that the audience is still talking about them and wondering if this season will capture these intense rivalries.

10 Will and Tara versus themselves

Amazing Race Will & Tara

This was not an external rivalry with another team, but an internal conflict between a pair so great that it had to be mentioned. In the second season of The amazing race, this divorced couple discussed their path through three stages of the journey. It was extremely uncomfortable in some of the worst ways imaginable.

Tara and Will, however, had a very rival dynamic between them. It also felt like a lot of their quarrels felt like trying to sabotage the other person on their team.

9 Chip And Kim Versus Kami And Karli

Chip and Kim McAllister learn that they won The Amazing Race

Married parents Chip and Kim would continue to win season 5 of The amazing race, but they wanted a tough early start. The couple was in a rivalry with the twin sisters, Kami and Karli. But honestly, the feud did not last long because Kami and Karli were cute but not very smart.

Still, the dynamics of Chip and Kim versus Kami and Karli were entertaining, which is why it lasted. It was more of an on-off re-rivalry rather than just a continuous, endless drum beat of one.


8 Dave and Connor versus Brendon and Rachel

Dave and Connor in The Amazing Race

The father and son team, Dave and Connor, suffered some setbacks The amazing race season 22 when David broke his Achilles tendon. Eventually, David had to return to the United States for surgery, which meant the couple withdrew from the competition. They were such fan favorites that they were brought back for a season off The Amazing Race: All-Stars, where they were hit with a U-Turn by Brendon and Rachel.

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Brendon and Rachel were a bit of a mess in their season of The amazing race with so many emotional breakdowns. Throwing the U-Turn against Dave and Connor really hurt their position with the other teams, not helped by their cruel tactics and abrasive personalities. However, Dave and Connor came out on top and won All stars and beat Brendon and Rachel.

7 Rob And Amber Versus The World

Rob and Amber The Amazing Race season 7

The newlyweds Rob and Amber were a very controversial couple throughout their tenure The amazing race. During their first appearance on the show in season 7, the two used their fame from their time off Survivor to get help from the locals. In addition, Rob’s cruel playing style won him no fans among the other teams.

When they came back The Amazing Race: All-Stars, Rob and Amber dominated the first three legs of the series, but it just painted a goal on their backs with every other team on the show. Again, neither of their personalities helped them win friends among the others. They ended up finishing in eighth place in All stars.

6 Brendon And Rachel Versus Vanessa And Ralph / Art And JJ

Amazing Race couple Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas

In both seasons of The amazing race they were with, Brendon and Rachel caused all the drama. Fresh off their stint on Older brother, this reality TV couple joined season 20 of The amazing race. During this time on the show, the two got into fights with each other and the other teams, especially Vanessa and Ralph and Art and JJ.

Vanessa and Rachel really hated each other and got into verbal sparring fights where Ralph had to pull Vanessa back from getting involved. Art and JJ had a problem with Brendon and Rachel because they thought they were “followers”. This would be a season-long bow with Art and JJ in second place, Brendon and Rachel in third place, and Ralph and Vanessa in fourth place this season.

5 Dustin and Kandice versus Charla and Mirna

Kandice and Dustin in The Amazing Race

Beauty queens Dustin and Kandice were truly the first alpha female team in history The amazing race. Throughout season 10, the pair proved that an entire woman could definitely dominate after seasons where it did not happen. While it made them no friends throughout their season of The amazing race, the rivalry the audience remembers is under All stars with Charla and Mirna.

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Dustin and Kandice would ruthlessly get information from other teams, but only share when it was beneficial to them. Charla and Mirna believed that it was they who used their good looks to cope, which led to them trying to form an alliance with the remaining teams against the couple. Dustin and Kandice would be number two All stars.

4 Joe and Bill versus Eric and Danielle

Fantastic Race Joe and Bill

The couple Joe and Bill were literally the original villains The amazing race. Their performance in the first season of the series set the stage for other teams to follow their ruthless playing style, whatever to win, in the ensuing seasons. Their influence on the series is still felt today, which is impressive.

Not surprisingly, they returned too The Amazing Race All-Stars where they formed a rivalry with Eric and Danielle. Both teams hated each other and were willing to do anything to ruin the other. Joe and Bill would be eliminated in sixth place over the course of All stars.

3 Kisha And Jen Versus Margie And Luke

Season 14 winners Kisha Hoffman and Jen Hoffman pose for a post-victory picture

Sisters Kisha and Jen and mother-son duo Margie and Luke were intense rivals in season 14 of The amazing race. It started because Margie and Luke, who is deaf, thought the two were laughing at him. In an interview with People at that point, the sisters denied that they were laughing at him.

Kisha reflected back on the rivalry, saying it was “absolutely blown out of proportion”. Though at the forefront of it, the sparks between the two teams certainly looked ready for an inferno.

2 Abbie And Ryan Versus The Dream Team

Abby and Ryan sit together on a bench at The Amazing Race

In season 21 of The amazing race, Abbie and Ryan were immediately made to hit due to a $ 2 million goal on their backs, after their victory in the first stage of the race doubled their chance for the prize money. Between the money and their rude attitudes towards other competitors, other teams formed an alliance against the pair.

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The dream team, which consisted of Jaymes and James, Natalie and Nadiya, and Trent and Lexi, offered their time to make a brilliant tactical U-Turn against the pair in the ninth part of the race. This eliminated Abbie and Ryan, who left in fifth place this season.

1 Colin and Christie versus Charla and Mirna

Christie and Colin in The Amazing Race

Colin and Christie were some of the most intense players ever The amazing race. The pair appeared in season 5 of the series, where they made a very big impression, especially Colin, who lived up to his self-description as “possibly the most intense person who has ever run this race”. At the height of that intensity was the couple’s feud with Charla and Mirna, which disgusted them back.

Colin was almost arrested at one point in the show. The rivalry was the purest form of intensity and is still talked about years later among the audience of the show. Colin and Christie, however, became markedly softer for their return to The Amazing Race: All-Stars in season 31, where they won it.

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