Aliens: Fireteam Elite’s second season adds new mode this month

Aliens: Fireteam Elite launches its second season on December 14th, adding a new Point Defense mode where players must protect a handful of locations while averting annoying xenomorphs. The co-op slider will also introduce new weapons, challenge cards and a place where you can see your alien bashing stats. What’s more, it’s also coming to the Xbox Game Pass. I never intended to buy this game, but I would love to try it. Thanks for that, Game Pass.

Point Defense will be an alternative to your usual Horde Mode shenanigans, where your fire team must protect and repair three points while aliens come at you in waves. This seems more in line with what we see in the movies. You know, people who are desperately trying to fix something while their friends are screaming and getting eaten? That’s the case.

Developers Cold Iron Studios do not mention exactly what the new weapons are, but you can see them in the announcement image below. The top right looks like a revolver, and the gun to the left of it has very good sci-fi lights on.

All of that is part of the second season’s free update, but there’s also some paid DLC coming. Named The Nostromo Salvage Pack, it comes with Nostromo-themed skins (flight suits and the like) and other cosmetics.

I have not played Fireteam Elite yet because it just looked pretty ok. I’m put off by how many aliens there are in it. Having lots of xenomorphs makes them less scary! Still, I suspect it could be a good co-op shooter to toot in when I’m tired of Back 4 Blood. Shout up for Game Pass for having made it so I no longer have to commit to buying games that could be naff.

Season 2 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite arrives on December 14, and it will also be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC and console that day. You can also find it on Steam and PlayStations.

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