Careful sculptures by artist Carol Long highlight the curved lines and colorful embellishments found in nature


#animals #ceramics #insects #plants #ceramics

November 30, 2021

Grace Ebert

All photos © Carol Long, shared with permission

Honoring the humble form of the vessel is at the heart of Carol Long’s practice. From her studio in rural Kansas, the artist throws simple ceramic cylinders, which she twists into supple butterfly wings, curved chrysalis or vases with ornate handles. “When it comes to the potter’s wheel, it’s just the beginning,” she tells Colossal. “I usually sit for a second and look at the piece and see which way I can push it out or in.”

The resulting shapes are expressions of both flora and fauna and traditional ceramics, though Long’s sculptures highlight smooth, twisted walls and twisted bases rather than angled edges. She uses slip-trailing to add tactile decorative elements to the piece like small balls, handles or raised linework. “The relationship between the glazes inside the vectors, the shapes made by slip-trailing, is really important in how they are divided and how they sit next to each other,” she says, noting that the process is particularly careful , because it involves applying the material on each intricate, ribbed pattern and delicate outline.

Whether it is a vase or a wide-mouthed jar, the whimsical sculptures are filled with colors and structured details. “I love the flowing lines and I love the idea of ​​framing a picture on my pots. Many times I have a focal point like an animal or insect, and then I have framed it with other designs, ”says the artist.

Long is hosting an annual open house in her studio next month and will be showing a work in Charlie Cummings Gallery in July 2022. Until then, you can purchase available pieces on Etsy – she also has an update scheduled for mid-December – and follow her latest pieces on Instagram. (via Women’s art)

#animals #ceramics #insects #plants #ceramics

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