Colton Underwood’s father, producer on ‘Coming Out Colton’ Criticism

Colton-dad, I would have preferred if he did not come out of me tv

Colton Underwood with a post by his father Scott Underwood. Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock; Courtesy Scott Underwood / Instagram

In it for the wrong reasons? Prior to the premiere of Coming out Colton, Colton Underwoodhis dad, Scott Underwood, and manufacturer Jeff Jenkins responded to setbacks about the former bachelor’s intentions in making the documentaries.

“I’m not saying I’m sorry, but I would have preferred it to have been done differently,” Scott said. New York Times in a profile Monday, Nov. 29, referring to his 29-year-old son coming out to him on a fishing trip while the cameras rolled.

Scott added that his son is “an entertainer”, saying to the business: “Let’s face it – that’s what he has chosen to do for his career.”

With production beginning in late 2020, Netflix cameras followed Colton as he opened up about his sexuality to his parents, brother, friends, denominations, and eventually Robin Roberts on Good morning America.

Colton-dad, I would have preferred if he did not come out of me tv

Scott and Leigh Underwood Courtesy Scott Underwood / Instagram

“Shall I say it’s for fame?” said Scott. “None. Did he get on TV for money? Yes. But who really does not use entertainment for their lives and put it all out there for money?”

Reality TV fans met Colton Becca Kufrinseason 14 of The bachelor in 2018. After a stay of Bachelor in paradise season 5 he was named season 23 bachelor and dated winner Cassie Randolph for almost two years. Jenkins confirmed to NOW that the series was originally launched as a show for Colton and Randolph, 25, before their split.

“We saw the positive in the fact that he shared his story,” he said I’m Cait said executive producer. “He already has fame and – not to mention out of turn – but this documentary will not make him rich.”

In the months following their breakup, Randolph Colton accused of harassment and filed a restraining order against him in September 2020. In the documents, she accused him of placing a tracking device under her car and stalking her.

“It’s sadder than anything else that I’ve ever been able to say the things I said to her or do the things I did,” Colton told the newspaper, noting that Randolph did not comment on the profile.

The speech therapy student waived the court order against his ex in November 2020.

“Today, Cassie asked the court to dismiss the temporary stay against me,” the former footballer said in a statement at the time. “The two of us were able to reach a private agreement to resolve all of Cassie’s concerns. I do not think Cassie did anything wrong by requesting a restraining order, and I also believe that she acted in good faith. I put Appreciate everyone’s respect for privacy in this matter. “

Colton is expected to tackle the drama with Randolph in Coming out Colton, which starts streaming on Friday, December 3, and admits in the trailer that he put “a poor girl through [a] hell of my own insecurity. “

In another clip, Scott says, “Cassie filed a lawsuit against you. You went off track.”

Randolph, who has since moved on with his girlfriend Brighton Reinhardt, has not yet publicly commented on the show. She subtly thanked fans for their support after the Coltons GMA conversation in April.

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