Darth Vader becomes Star Wars’ version of Amanda Waller

In a preview of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, Darth Vader demands loyalty by using methods that put DC’s Amanda Waller to shame with her suicide group.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Star Wars: Bounty Hunters # 18

In a new preview for Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, it’s revealed it Darth Vader has become the galactic version of DCs Amanda Waller. To force compliance, Darth Vader uses dark methods reminiscent of those used by the director of the suicide group. However, it seems that Sith’s dark lord has gone further than distant bombs implanted in his head.

In the latest issues of Star wars: Bounty hunters, cyber citizen Beilert Valance tried to save Han Solo during The War of the Bounty Hunters crossover event when he owed him to save his life. Still trapped in carbonite, Han Solo had been taken on board Executor, Darth Vader’s personal Star Destroyer. But Valance was betrayed by Boba Fett, who sought to get Solo back to himself, intending to deliver him to Jabba the Hutt, as he had always planned. This left Valance trapped Executor and while he almost escaped, the cyborg was eventually captured by Vader himself.


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Now, the preview to Star Wars: Bounty Hunters # 18 confirms that Vader will do more than just keep the cyborg trapped in the upcoming issue of Ethan Sacks and Ramon Bachs. While the end of the previous issue saw Vader repair and restore Valance so that he no longer looks like a cyborg, he has apparently also removed his heart, meaning it has been replaced with a device that Vader can turn off and kill Valance if he does not follow orders, forcing the former imperial who became bounty hunter to become his new agent. As a result, this feels like a much darker form of Amanda Waller’s explosive implants she uses to force her suicide group’s compliance in DC Comics. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue:







  • (W) Ethan Sacks
  • (A) Ramon Bachs
  • (CA) Giuseppe Camuncoli
  • In the wake of the shocking events of WAR OF THE BUNTY HUNTERS, the underworld has become more dangerous than ever.
  • T’ONGA has assembled the largest team of bounty hunters in the galaxy – including BOSSK, ZUCKUS and TASU LEECH for a special mission!
  • Can she prevent them from killing each other long enough to become a real team while mourning the loss of an old friend?

While the synopsis for the question teases a new team of bounty hunters that are being formed, the new status quo that Vader imposes on Valance is far more interesting. The only reason the cyborg hunter would be repaired by the Lord of Darkness is if Vader can get anything out of him, and given that Vader’s new mission will be to eradicate the reborn Crimson Dawn, Valance’s new role is likely to see him infiltrate their ranks on his ranks. on behalf of the Master. As such, it makes sense that Vader wants Valance to look as human as possible in order to interfere more.

After surgically removing Valance’s heart, it is likely that the cyborg bounty hunter has no choice but to serve. Darth Vader despite his hatred of the empire. Not only is it comparable Amanda Wallers methods of manipulating villains to work for her in the DC Universe, but it’s probably so much darker on a personal level given all the pain Valance went through when he served the empire voluntarily before his misfortune got him discharged against his will. The full Star Wars Bounty Hunters # 18 will be published on 1 December.

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