HAWKEYE series drills West Coast Avengers

The first two sections of Hawkeye has arrived. The charming superhero show as a Christmas present is nothing short of delightful. For what feels like your regular holiday fare, the debut episodes do a great deal to create a lead-in to a new superhero team at MCU. We’ve been waiting for the arrival of the West Coast Avengers for a while. With WandaVision, the MCU began to create the conflicts that would lead to their arrival. But i Hawkeye, we get more than simple allusions with the introduction of two great West Coast Avengers heroes. So who were they? What does it mean for Hawkeye? And when can West Coast Avengers show up?

Greer Grant Nelson, alias Tigra
An illustration shows Tigra holding Hawkeye's hand
Marvel comics

In her murderous introduction to the present, we see Kate tearing down a bell tower down in college. But as she embarks on the fateful bet, she’s not alone. In fact, she is accompanied by a friend whose name is very prominent on her caller ID. Greer (Nichele Lambert) does not appear to be playing a major role, but the name will be recognizable to Marvel fans. Greer Grant Nelson is the tiger’s alter ego. Along with Clint Barton’s Hawkeye, Tigra was a founding member of the West Coast Avengers. While this may just seem like a little nod to the comics, we know it’s actually Greer because her creator, Roy Thomas, gets a special thank you in the credits.

First introduced in The cat # 1 (1972) and later as Tigra in Giant creatures # 1, Tigra has a wild story. Like the cat, Greer gained enhanced abilities from a superhuman scientific experiment. Then, like Tigra, she got her cat-like mutation in an attempt to save her life by a mysterious breed of cat people. Using her superpowers, she met Super Skrulls – timely and relevantly – as well as teaming up with Spidey and the Fantastic Four. But she is most famous as a member of the West Coast Avengers. She was immediately invited to the new LA-based group by Hawkeye, and became a key figure. And if the West Coast Avengers come to MCU, we would expect to see Greer with them. Making her Kate’s friend is really smart, as the MCU version of the team seems to be more likely to be started by Kate than Clint.

The famous actress – and MCU Kate’s aunt – Moira Brandon
A still image from Hawkeye shows Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop standing on a roof and packing her fingers
Marvel Studios

While Greer is a great in-depth reference, we noticed a more obvious connection to the West Coast Avengers in the first two episodes of Hawkeye. Clint and Kate connect during her stay as Ronin, and they need a hiding place. After being on her way to her place and being burned out by the tracksuit mafia, Kate suggests her aunt’s place. But it turns out that her aunt is none other than Moira Brandon. While the name may not immediately pop out unless you are well versed in the West Coast Avengers, she is an important part of their origins. In the comics, it is Moira Brandon who sold her huge Rancho Palos Verde property to the newly formed team. And she’s not related to Kate in the Marvel stories either.

So the MCU that adds her here feels significant. Could MCU Moira also donate some of her acting wealth to a budding team led by her niece?

Will West Coast Avengers show up at MCU?

The cover of West Coast Avengers shows Hawkeye surrounded by Marvel heroes
Marvel comics

Yes, we think so! While it was always likely with the events in WandaVision, which repeated the era prior to the West Coast Avengers formation, now that Moira and Greer are cannon in MCU, it probably happens sooner rather than later. Marvel Cinematic Universe already has the founding member of the West Coast Avengers at the center right now. Hawkeye was the leader of the team after the split of the original Avengers. But we doubt it will be Clint who takes on that role here. Actually Hawkeye the show already takes from Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero’s cartoon, which saw Kate move to Los Angeles. So if she’s going there, we’ll bet it’s her Hawkeye taking on the role of founder. But when will it happen? Hawkeye is, after all, set on the east coast.

When will the West Coast Avengers join the MCU?
Marvel studios Armor Wars title screen
Marvel Studios

Earlier this year, rumors swirled about it Armored War could introduce West Coast Avengers. And it could make really good sense. Why? In the comics, Rhodey is the West Coast Avengers’ Iron Man … But we think the Disney + MCU series has been watching them for a while. Hawkeye continues that trend so that the TV broadcasts could become the soft launch for the team. There’s a chance we could learn about Moira’s West Coast property under Hawkeye, and establish the final establishment of the team. We already have White Vision and Scarlet Witch, as well as two potential Hawkeyes who could join them.

This season of Hawkeye could end up with Kate going to Los Angeles, which would at least place one of our heroes on the west coast. It will also be interesting to see how Greer plays into the series. Was it just a nice nod to a friend of Hawkeye’s? A little extra money for creator Roy Thomas? Or does it matter more? We know she’s the same Greer from the comics, so could she become an ally of Kate and maybe go to LA with her at the end of the season? We have to wait and see! But we think post Hawkeye and Spider Man: No way home, we get a better idea of ​​when a new Avengers team will be on our screens.

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