Minecraft developers confirm the new 1.18 ore distribution

Minecraft 1.18 is finally here and that means it’s time to start exploring some deep caves and find out where the diamonds are with the new ore distribution. Fortunately, the developers have provided some helpful charts and videos to get you pointing in the right direction.

Previously, most types of Minecraft ore would generate evenly regardless of the y-coordinate, so if you were mining within the height range of a given ore, you had an equal chance of finding it. Now most ore has some sort of ‘triangle’ distribution pattern, which means you will most likely mine successfully towards the center of the altitude range.

As an example, diamonds in the triangular pattern between y-144 and y16 are generated. As the Minecraft world ends at y-64, you will not be able to reach the juicy diamonds that spawn beneath the bedrock. This simply means that you will find more diamonds the deeper you go, as the lowest levels bring you closest to the center of the distribution pattern.

The diagram below, courtesy of game designer Henrik Kniberg on Twitter, lays it all out. Where the ore distribution is greatest is where the ore is most likely to spawn. But remember that ore can not spawn in the open air, so the iron distribution at the upper level is not quite as generous as it may appear on the map.

A diagram explaining the new ore distribution in Minecraft 1.18

Tech lead Mikael ‘slicedlime’ Hedberg explains the mechanics behind the distribution in a little more detail on his personal YouTube channel, which you can see below.

YouTube Thumbnail

Now, of course, it’s time to start looking forward to the Minecraft 1.19 release date.

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