Spider-Man Producer says No Way Home Spoilers ruin the movie experience

Spider-Man: No Way Home producer Amy Pascal opens up about how difficult it is to keep the film secret and prevent any spoiler leaks.

Prevention of spoiler leaks for Spider-Man: No Way Home has been difficult, says producer Amy Pascal. As the premiere of the upcoming blockbuster approaches, fans’ enthusiasm has also steadily increased, especially thanks to the release of new marketing material. Spider-Man: No Way Home is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide on December 17th.

The promotional efforts for Spider-Man: No Way Home started quite late. After its official title was confirmed back in February 2021, it was not until the end of August that its first trailer was released. About two months later, the other was dropped, and since then, a streak of posters and shorter TV spots have rolled out. While Marvel Studios and Sony have run a restrained marketing campaign for the trilogy capper, fans have been preoccupied with various reports and suspected leaks from the film.


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Now Pascal opens up about them and how it was hard to keep the blockbuster a secret before it hits theaters. talking with Fandango in the celebration of the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s tickets, Pascal was asked how they are able to keep the film’s biggest surprises under the lid. Without giving anything away, she admits it has been a struggle because they want viewers to experience the film’s highlights in cinemas. She also points out how they never confirm any rumor, which is also for the same reason. Read her full answer below:

Boy, you could probably answer that question. You know. Yes, we’re been … we do not want to ruin things for people, you know? It’s one of the problems with movies is that people know everything before they go to the cinema. So we have tried to ensure that people get the full theater experience when they go to the movie. And yes, you never try to confirm anything in any movie, but this one is a great one.

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Apart from reports and rumors, Spider-Man: No Way Home has also been plagued with several alleged leaks. There have been pictures of Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire and even Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock floating around on the internet – most of them, however, cannot be verified as they are typically shared online using fake accounts. It is also worth noting that advanced photo and video editing technology makes it easier for trolls who simply want to wreak havoc on the fandom. As Pascal said, they choose not to confirm anything so fans can get the full theater experience the first time they see the film. But that does not mean that it is all Spider Man-related hearing say online is genuine. It’s just easier not to comment on these matters.

Fortunately, there are only three weeks left Spider-Man: No Way Home coming to the cinema, fans will not have to wait that long to find out which rumors are true and which are false. The press tour for the blockbuster has already begun, with the cast, led by Tom Holland, coming out to promote the film. It’s uncertain if a third trailer is still in the cards, but it’s more than likely that Marvel Studios and Sony will roll out TV spots instead, just to keep the public hyped.

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