Succession Star Nicholas Braun Reveals Greg & Tom Spinoff Idea

Nicholas Braun reveals his idea for a Succession spinoff centered on the ignorant comedy duo cousins ​​Greg and Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen).

Succession star Nicholas Braun reveals his idea for a spinoff centered around cousins ​​Greg and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen). Formerly known for Sky high and The benefits of being a marigold, Braun stars in the Emmy-winning HBO series as the ignorant yet opportunistic elder nephew of media mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and grandson of Logan’s estranged brother, Ewan (James Cromwell). Early in the show, Gregory Hirsch finds himself in a contract with Waystar boss Tom Wambsgans, where the two form a howling funny ignorant comedy duo.

The drama series centered around the dysfunctional Roy family, the owners of the global media and entertainment empire known as Waystar RoyCo, is currently in its third season on HBO. Amid uncertainty over the family patriarch’s health, Logan, each of his four adult children looks after their share of the pie, including Jeremy Strong as Kendall, Kieran Culkin as Roman, Sarah Snook as Shiv and Alan Ruck as Connor.


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Braun, who has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for his performance as Cousin Greg, recently gave an interview to Collider to talk about all things Succession. During the discussion, the interviewer raised the prospect of a spinoff of the popular HBO drama centered on Greg and Tom. Braun then revealed an idea about him that he has actually discussed with his co-star Macfadyen, suggesting the two could be dropped in a foreign land and be appointed heads of a WayStar branch. Read what Braun had to say below:

Matthew and I have talked about how wonderful it would be to be in a country where Tom and Greg have just been dropped off and they are told, “You’ll stay here for five years,” by Logan. They could go to Japan or Dubai. It could be Tom and Greg in a foreign land, as heads of a department of WayStar. It would be fun to see the two guys fall into one place.

Greg looks at Tom with a scared look in succession

None of them Succession showrunner, Jesse Armstrong, or executive producers Adam McKay and Will Ferrell have ever expressed great interest in a spinoff. But one may not be completely excluded. While Succession generally not considered the type of show that launches a franchise, slow-burning character studio dramas like AMC’s Breaking Bad has spawned spinoffs before, i.a. Rather call Saul and the Netflix movie centered around deuteragonist Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), The road.

Since Tom and Greg’s various jokes have always provided entertaining B-plots for the Roy family drama, they would probably be the focus of a spinoff series if one ever becomes a reality. With two full seasons under his belt, Succession has been nominated for a total of 23 Emmy Awards, including a victory for the Outstanding Drama Series in 2020, cementing its status as HBO’s most successful series ever.Game of Thrones, which has various spinoffs under development. Thus is one Succession Spinoff centered on fan-favorite characters like Greg and Tom may not be a weird idea after all.

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