The Weather Network – Blizzard leaves dozens stranded inside a remote British pub for three days

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 12.40 – An evening in the pub turned into three thanks to a big snowstorm.

On Friday, a pub called the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, England was filled with people who had turned up to see Noasis – an Oasis tribute band – perform.

Outside, the snow fell quickly and furiously. And while the winter weather was in the offseason, the guests were horrified as they tried to leave late in the evening, only to find themselves snowed in.

According to the New York Times, snowdrifts blocked nearly a meter high exits and created a tangle of lanes.

When Noasis was finished, authorities had declared the roads unsafe for driving, forcing the pub’s guests, staff and band – about 61 people in total – to stay inside the pub. While a tunnel was eventually dug out, but the roads leading to and from the remote pub were useless.

Conditions had not improved in the morning, nor had they improved on Sunday.

Monday morning, the group was finally allowed to leave – after three days locked inside the pub. At that time, about 50 people were still inside. At one point, a mountain rescue team was able to get through the snow to take care of a guest who was experiencing a medical problem, reports the BBC. The rest of the group set off after a snow plow passed through and cleared the roads.

Pub boss Nicola Townsend told the BBC everyone was in a “good mood”. The bar staff kept everyone entertained with quizzes and karaoke, Townsend said, and according to a guest “plenty of beer.”

Called ‘Britain’s tallest pub’, The Tan Hill Inn is an isolated 17th-century pub perched on a hill 528 meters around sea level. It is 17 km from the nearest town.

From November 25, a powerful storm moved through Britain, Ireland and France, bringing heavy snow and gusts up to 160 kilometers per hour. At one point, about 112,000 homes lost power. At least three people were killed by falling branches during the storm.


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