10 best games like Solar Ash

With just a few hours to Heart Machine’s new adventure platform game Solar Ask reaching the shelves, players are preparing to see how the game performs compared to its 2016 predecessor, Hyper Light Drifter. The new story follows Rei, a sword-wielding runner who crosses a black hole in outer space and uses movement to avoid being hit by obstacles and enemies.

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With a conscious focus on traversal rather than struggle, Solaske joins a wide range of platform adventure games that take place on exotic alien planets and supernatural environments, where the stunning size, scale and scope of outer space dwarfs the characters.

10 Hyper Light Drifter

Picture taken from Hyper Light Drifter video game

It only seems right to start where the franchise left off: Hyper Light Drifter. The retro game pays homage to 8 and 16-bit games such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, after Drifter, an enigmatic warrior with an energy sword who travels through the universe and takes on monsters and ugly villains.

With a maximum of 88 Metascore for Nintendo Switch and a minimum of 76 for Xbox One, Hyper Light Drifter is a well-received game that not only establishes the universe Solar Ask takes place in, but is also different enough to play as a preamble due to its more battle-focused gameplay.

9 Gravity Rush

A player hovers through the air in Gravity Rush

Fans of Solar Ask will definitely pull towards Gravity Rush, a really fun action-adventure game in the open world that follows Kat, a memory loss who suddenly wakes up in a mysterious land called Hekseville, where she discovers that she can control the amazing power of gravity.

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Along with a strange cat named Dusty, Kat floats around Hekeseville and uses his powers to ward off storm monsters called Nevi. Running, jumping, exploring and more have precedent over fights, where Kat’s cryptic past comes into sharp focus as she progresses through the game.


8 The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Link flies through the sky in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Whose Hyper Light Drifter was modeled after A link to the past, then Solar Ask is clearly patterned after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, an extensive action-adventure game in the open world that focuses more on exploring than fighting. Players control Link by running, jumping, climbing, swimming and paragliding through Hyrule Kingdom to rescue its inhabitants. Finding secrets and hidden messages is a big part of the game’s appeal.

With unsurpassed critical reviews across the board, The wild spirit currently has 96 and 97 Metascores for the Nintendo Wii and Switch, respectively. The game is the definitive action adventurer in the open world right now and should not be missed.

7 Sheepo

A photo taken from Sheepo

With a classic platform design that reflects Metroid and Castlevania, Sheepo is an offbeat new action-adventure platformer game that follows the titular hero, a shape-shifting sheep-like animal as it crosses a living alien planet. By using the environment instead of weapons to defeat enemies, the task is to collect an egg from each species in the galaxy and prevent them from becoming extinct.

Like Solar Ash, Sheepo favors traversal and exploration rather than direct combat, and draws rave reviews for its solid platform gameplay and excellent shape-shifting features.

6 WarpedSpace

POV of a space pilot in Warped Space

For yet another superb massive open-world-adventure-survival game that takes place deep inside the cosmos, fans should check it out WarpedSpace on Steam. With exploration as the main goal, travelers wake up in space and have to wander around everything from dry deserted planets and ice island planets with icy cold to alien outposts, asteroid belts and the like.

Has the task of finding food, building colonies to stay alive and chasing organic and inorganic life forms, WarpedSpace allows players to travel on foot or with a spaceship, giving players far more reach to explore the depths of the universe.

5 The artful escape

Francis plays guitar in The Artful Escape

Solar Ask fans will love The artful escape, another lively platformer game that prefers exploration and colonization to pure combat. The story follows Francis, a teenager through the 4th dimension, as an intergalactic guitarist named Lightman recruits him for a mission.

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Sent to Cosmic Extraordinary with an alien named Zomm, Francis runs, jumps and flies through outer space using an electric guitar that can be used to interact with his surroundings and defeat bosses. The game has solid 8 Metascores across the board.

4 Cyber ​​shadow

Shadow puts a wheel in Cyber ​​Shadow

Cyber ​​shadow is a retro-futuristic platformer bound to appeal to both Solar Ask and Hyper Light Drifter fans. The action-adventure game released by Yacht Club Games boasts an 8-bit, sidescrolling aesthetic that follows Shadow, a ninja tasked with rescuing his clan from an evil sect of robots.

Praised for its excellent gameplay, level design, various activities and music, Cyber ​​shadow combines the best platform layouts of Mario, Ninja Gaiden, Shadow of the Ninja, and even Against to create an epic sci-fi action-adventure game that feels both familiar and refreshing.

3 Bastion

An overview of Caledonia in the Bastion

For fans of Solar Ask who loves gameplay but wants a different setting than outer space, try playing action-adventure RPG Bastion. With a unique artful aesthetic, the game follows The Kid as he floats through fantasy-themed areas of Caledonia following a catastrophic event.

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In addition to exploring majestic landscapes and conquering various bosses, the missions include procuring currency, building structures, providing health tonics to survive, all in the name of eventually uncovering the past and finding the cause of the earthly catastrophe that started history.

2 Fairy

A fox crosses purple terrain in Fe

Despite being located in an immersive forest rather than outer space, EA Original is Fairy is an excellent action-adventure platformer that is bound to capture hearts and minds Solar Ask acolytes. With a conscious emphasis on traversal, scout, and investigation, players control a fox-like beast that uses songs to manipulate its exotic environment.

With minimal instructions that let players roam free, go their own way and make key discoveries on their own, the hands-off approach to the game has been hailed as uniquely exciting. Fairy can also boast of the same Metroidvania gameplay that has made Solar Ask‘s predecessor Hyper Light Drifter so popular.

1 Subnautica

An underwater space station seen in Subnautica

Set in the distant future on an alien planet, Subnautics is a highly acclaimed action-adventure RPG that follows The Aurora, a man-made spacecraft that is out to colonize alien star systems. In the hunt for a cure for a contagious disease, players must find and rescue another space crew while stabilizing the planet.

With gameplay missions prioritizing investigation and problem solving over major bad boss battles and heavy battles, Subnautica is the perfect aqueous solution to the star-studded open world. Solar Ask.

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