10 Real-Life Wrestling Friendships We’ve Never Seen on TV

Professional wrestling is not an easy task, given the restless schedule, especially in WWE. In addition to the two weekly shows and pay-per-views, wrestlers travel the world to perform. It is common for them to stay on the road for over 300 days a year.

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As wrestlers stay on the road for so long, most of them become good friends behind the scenes. In addition to getting into relationships, wrestlers can also become lifelong friends. While some of the friendships can be seen on TV, fans probably do not know many of such real friends behind the curtain.

Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest, & Riddle

Riddle, Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest WWE

Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest and Riddle were in the NXT, but they are currently RAW Superstars. None of these wrestlers have shown their friendship on WWE TV, but they are close friends with each other in real life.

When these three superstars travel, they usually stick together, which can be seen through their social media platforms. Recently during The Rock’s Survivor Series tribute, Ripley, Priest and Riddle dressed up as The Rock and did a photo shoot together.

Adam Cole and Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods and Adam Cole UpupDowndown

Adam Cole and Xavier Woods never fought for the same brand in WWE. While Woods was already an integral part of WWE’s main list with The New Day, Adam Cole dominated the NXT as the NXT Champion. Now Cole is signed to AEW.

Although fans have never seen Woods and Cole together on the TV screen, they are close friends in real life because of their passion as gamers. Cole has appeared on Wood’s YouTube channel UpUpDownDown. Woods also said goodbye to Cole when he left WWE, while Cole also congratulated Woods when he won the King of the Ring tournament.


Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega

Like Adam Cole, his AEW colleague and former AEW world champion Kenny Omega is also an avid gamer. As a result, he has formed a good friendship with Xavier Woods. However, Omega has never appeared on Woods’ YouTube channel. They have performed together at various events.

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When it comes to wrestling, they are in different companies and Omega has never wrestled on WWE TV.

Alexa Bliss & Ember Moon

Ember Moon and Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss might have played naughty and supernatural characters on screen, but she’s another person off screen. She is one of the cutest people backstage and shares friendships with a number of her peers. She’s close to Ember Moon in real life, which has been released by the company recently.

Bliss and Moon became close when they were in NXT, but formed a stronger bond while they were part of the main list. They put pictures together on social media platforms. They faced each other a few times, but their close friendship was never shown on TV.

Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar F5s Curtis Axel

It may sound strange considering their different stature in the wrestling world, but Brock Lesnar and Curtis Axel are good friends off screen. The friendship started during Lesnar’s second season in WWE.

Axel helped Lesnar train for the match against Triple H at WrestleMania 29, perhaps because Axel also associated with Paul Heyman around that time. Lesnar also asked WWE to include Axel’s action figure in a toy pack with him so the latter could make some money. However, their friendship was never shown on TV.

Liv Morgan and Sonya Deville

Sonya Deville and Liv Morgan WWE

Liv Morgan and Sonya Deville are almost the same age, and they’ve been part of the WWE since the mid-2010s. Besides NXT, they have been fighting in the same brand, which has allowed them to grow their friendship.

Liv Morgan and Sonya Deville often share photos on their Instagram accounts. When Liv started the lesbian angle with Lana a few years ago, she discussed it with her good friend Sonya Deville, whom she mentioned in an interview. Unfortunately, fans have not seen their true friendship on TV yet.

Titus O’Neil and Batista

Batista and Titus O'Neil

Barista is a former six-time world champion who is now retired and a famous movie star in Hollywood. On the other hand, Titus O ‘Neil has been a part of WWE for over a decade, but he has never been a superstar at the main event level.

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Titus and Batista are very close friends off screen. When Titus was suspended from the WWE in 2016, Batista publicly defended his friend.

Braun Strowman and Drake Maverick

Drake Maverick and Braun Strowman WWE

Unfortunately, both Braun Strowman and Drake Maverick are no longer part of the WWE. But when they were hired, they became more than just colleagues. Maverick quickly became one of Strowman’s closest friends in the real world.

Strowman posted photos of Drake Maverick on his Instagram account several times to show their close ties. However, they were never seen on TV as friends.

James Ellsworth and Shinsuke Nakamura

James Ellsworth and Shinsuke Nakamura in WWE

When James Ellsworth was signed to WWE, he was part of SmackDown. Shinsuke Nakamura was also part of the bruise at the time. When he was in the same brand and traveling together, Ellsworth became a close friend of the Japanese superstar.

While he was in the same brand, Nakamura would post a lot of photos with Ellsworth on Instagram showing his good ties to Ellsworth. WWE has never shown their friendship on TV.

Mojo Rawley and Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss and Mojo

In addition to Braun Strowman, Alexa Bliss is a close friend of Mojo Rawley, who is no longer part of WWE. While Bliss has worked with Strowman in the Mixed Match Challenge, she has not done the same with Mojo.

The former women’s champion and former 24/7 champion shared a lot of photos and videos on social media platforms when the latter was in WWE. Most recently, Mojo also attended Bliss’ birthday party at her home.

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