Adam Levine got a big Ol ‘face tattoo!

Adam Levine has become the latest celebrity to take branding to a new level with a face tattoo!

That Maroon 5 Frontman has long been an ink-aficionado, with over 30 pieces all over his body at the last count. And he has been flirting with moving into the facial region lately, with a few prominent neck tattoos. Just two months ago he went for the throat!

Highlighted. But this latest rose on the side of his face, right next to his eye, is another level!

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Definitely his wife Behati Prinsloo – who herself has some ink – is for it, as she is the one who debuted it to the world in a new post about her Instagram stories Tuesday night, complete with a brand emoji:

Adam Levine Behati Prinsloo Instagram Stories
(c) Behati Prinsloo / Instagram Stories

Here’s a closer look…

Adam Levine face tattoo close up
(c) Behati Prinsloo / Instagram Stories

What do YOU ​​think of Adam’s new inks? Is he feeling well? Or did this flower grow too far ?? It’s definitely one the tower problem.

While tattoos have become significantly less taboo over the years, the face is still a dealbreaker for many. And some stars have proven that they just do not care! Aaron Carter, Amber Rose, Amanda Bynes, and Summer Walker have all recently used their faces as canvases. Cindy Crawfords model son Presley Gerber got the word “MISTAKED” across the cheek – but seemed to have had a heart attack and had it removed after less than a year.

Will Adam change his do you want to change face? We doubt it a bit. If anything, it has just seemed like ink is getting inspired Vote coach to go even further! We would not be surprised if we soon get a whole garden!

[Image via WENN/Avalon/Behati Prinsloo/Instagram Stories.]

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