Cassie’s restraining order helped me get out

Comes clean about getting out. Colton Underwood knowing that he may experience backlash for his new series, Coming out Colton, after his drama with his ex Cassie Randolph. However, he also knows that he might not have even come out as gay if that did not happen.

“I think it was a kind of giant wake-up call. I’m sorry it even got to the point where it was supposed to be my wake-up call, and that I influenced other people in my life was on a way the moment I realized I had to get out, says Underwood, 29, exclusive. Us Weekly while promoting his new Netflix series. “Of course I wish I had had the courage to come out without being pressured.”

Randolph, 26, who met the former NFL star in season 23 of The bachelor, filed a lawsuit against him in September 2020, four months after they broke up. In November of the same year, the former couple reached a private agreement and the order was dropped. He came out publicly as gay in April 2021.

Colton Underwood probably would not have come out if not for Cassie Randolph Drama

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“I think that moment was a realization like, ‘What are you doing with your life? It’s not who you are. It’s not what you do.’ Like, ‘Why are you in this situation right? now? ‘”he told Us.” When it boiled down to it, it was because I was not myself. I was not true to who I was and I was not a really good place. “

This time he’s ready to show who he really is with his new series – but it was not an easy decision to make another reality show.

“There were a lot of thoughts that went into it, but I really realized my story and who I was. I was always told who I was all my life – whether that was it [during] football or in church, so obviously on The bachelor“, I explained.” I felt it was important for me to get along.… and really own who I am and say, ‘Hey, that’s actually who I am.’ And for the first time, I want to let people really see it. “

After his Good morning America interview, Underwood met with a bit of backlash – and knows it can happen when the new series drops. This time, however, is different.

Colton Underwood wants to find himself coming out Colton Trailer

“At this point in my life, I’m so happy and I’m in such a good place,” he says First time The author told us, noting that he now has more support than ever before between his mixed friends and family. “It was a huge thing that I did not realize what I was wearing, but I had to split so much of my life. You know, my high school friends can never meet my college friends. And then I would use lies or secrets to people and say, “Hey, I can not get out tonight because I’m hanging out with them.” And then I told them I was hanging out with my other friends. It was as stressful as getting all these small lies to hang together. “

He continued, “When I could just be myself and not have to worry about who was talking to whom, I can be honest and genuine with people, it was valuable.”

Coming out Colton debuts on Netflix on Friday, December 3rd.

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