Collectors can now contact you on social media, text you

(NewsNation Now) – New rules implemented by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Tuesday, November 30, now allow debt collection agencies to email, text and send messages to people on social media to track you on outstanding debt.

However, there are limits. Collectors do not need your permission to contact them, but they must identify themselves and allow you to opt out of being contacted online. The messages must also be private. For example, collectors can send you messages on Facebook, but they can not post on your public page or anywhere else where it can be seen by your contacts.

The rules state that before a collector reports a debt to a credit rating agency, they must try to talk to the borrower in person or wait at least 14 days after sending a letter or virtual communication, including contact to social media, before reporting.

The CFPB said the amendment “clarifies how debt collectors can communicate with you, including what information they are required to provide at the beginning of debt collection, your debt collection rights, and how you can exercise those rights.”


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