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Danny Dyer reveals his unexpected real name after Dad was a “hairdresser” and wrote it down on his birth certificate

EASTENDERS star Danny Dyer has revealed his surprisingly real name after explaining that his father was ‘from naked’ when he put it on his birth certificate.

The actor, 44, is a household name, but what many are not aware of is that he previously went under a different title.

Danny Dyer admitted his real name during a chat with his daughter Dani


Danny Dyer admitted his real name during a chat with his daughter DaniCredit: Instagram

His confession came when he chatted with his daughter Dani, 25, on their podcast Sorted With the Dyers.

When the couple discussed baby names, Danny rejoiced: “They’ve unveiled the new most popular baby names in the UK, and Dani, I’m sorry to tell you, is not even in the top 100.

“But Daniel reached the top 50.”

His daughter jumped in and asked, “Are you a Daniel? I just want to confirm?”

“Yes, it’s me,” Danny replied. I was actually thinking about this the other day. “

Then he went on to admit, “I was born Danial.

“Danial is my name, so in the eyes of God I am a Danial. And that is DANIAL.”

Dani replied, “I do not look at you as a Danial.”

And about Dani’s own choice of name for his son Santiago – who turns one next month, he commented: “You have a wrong name for your boy, though.”

To defend his choice, Dani said: “I love Santiago, I love his name. Many people do not like it, but it does not really bother me …”

Before Danny confessed, “I love his name now; at first I was a little unsure.”

Earlier this year, Danny, who plays Mick Carter in BBC soap, explained the story behind the unusual spelling.

He said on their podcast, “My old dad and I love him a lot, he’s old school. I was born in the ’70s. Men didn’t really get involved in much.

“At that time my mother said, ‘I’m going to give birth,’ and he wanted to be up for a drink.

“He would go, ‘Okay.’ What time do you have to be home? ”She went into labor and gave birth.

“In any case, he came up there, obviously out of himself and had to do the important thing, which is the birth certificate, which I think you should sign.

“He agreed with the name Daniel, but he spelled it Danial. Could have been a mix of things, could have been that he was abused, could have been that he did not spell. Could have been a bit of both actually.”

He added: “When I got into acting, I changed it to Danny. It should always be Danny.”

Dani now has his own son named Santiago


Dani now has his own son named SantiagoCredit: Instagram
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