Fill up your Christmas stockings with these attractive stuffers

December is here! Get excited for Christmas and kickstart your brainstorming sessions soon. What and to whom should you surprise with the most appropriate gift this season, must be the question. Not to worry! We have all the answers to your endless gift options. Start with Christmas stockings, check out some attractive stuffers that will pave the way for a lot of joy and happiness.

1. Wind Up Assorted Xmas Toys

Roll-up toys are the perfect sock stoppers that can remind one of the joy and fun of childhood. Now you can leave good memories for your loved ones in the most cutting way. This selected Christmas toy includes a Santa Claus, a reindeer and a jumping clockwork. The toy is easy to operate and perfect for spreading love and joy in the middle of the Christmas festivities.


Price: Rs. 3549.94

Agreement: Rs. 1716.01

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2. Christmas pencils with eraser, ruler and pencil tips for children

Children are desperately waiting to dig into the Christmas stocking just early in the morning. They dive into the stockings with great enthusiasm and can not help but know what their loving Santa looked past. This Christmas-themed stationary set has pencils, erasers, rulers and pointers to cultivate the habit of studying and learning in them.


Price: Rs. 2573

Agreement: Rs. 1899

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3. Fruit-flavored sweets

Christmas stockings are incomplete without being filled with candy and candy. What could be sweeter than these fruit flavor candies? Grab this pack of Skittles, and convey the absolute sweetness this Christmas.


Price: Rs. 600

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4. Mini perfumes

If you are looking for a useful sock filler for adults, then these mini perfumes can solve your gift problem. The perfume has no gas and only pure fragrance. They come in a pack of four that has a fresh, sweet, woody and floral scent. As they are gender neutral, these mini perfumes are considered to be the best stocking fillers.


Price: Rs. 599

Agreement: Rs. 349

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5. Skin care kit

Mini skin care kits are also known to be a clever Christmas stocking stopper. These mini versions of the beauty products are not only portable but also travel friendly. And who does not follow a skin care regimen? Men and women both crave pampering sessions. Thus, adding this skin care set to your loved ones Christmas stocking will lift their happiness in the easiest way.


Price: Rs. 399

Agreement: Rs. 339

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Why wait for Christmas week when you can prepare in advance? Grab these sock stoppers or fillers before they are gone. These stuffers will bring a smile to one’s face while helping someone drive down memory lane. Let the Christmas stocking tops add more joy and happiness in life for you and yours!

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