Imagine if Prince William and Britney Spears had a little rogue

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It seems hard to believehis delicious gossip, presented by cinema Christopher Andersen, but because it is holiday season and we could all well use a bit of cheer, let’s lean into this fantasy. Apparently Prince William and Britney Spears tried to “get along” at some point back then?

Here’s the full monty, courtesy of Us Weekly:

“[William and Spears] tried to get along when they were young and he also had a kind of similar cyber relationship with Lauren Bush, the model and the president’s niece [George W.] Bush, ”Andersen said exclusively Us Weekly on Tuesday.

The journalist claimed that while the Duke of Cambridge, now 39, and the pop star, also 39, were in contact, their relationship never escalated. “There may have been phone calls, but I do not remember them ever getting together during that period,” he said.

While I understand that the use of “cyber” in this British man’s interpretation of this relationship, which was not, probably refers to emails and nothing else unfortunate, there is something very funny about imagining that Prince William trying to “cyber” with Britney Spears or, funny, and somehow perfect, Lauren Bush (??).

Britney herself confirmed that there was something similar to this rumor, with an interesting twist. In a 2002 interview, she said the two “exchanged emails for a little bit and he should come and see [her] somewhere, but it did not work. “Excuse me ?! So, What I hear here is that William tried to shout and then was unable to seal the deal, perhaps because he is a prince or by other mitigating circumstances, so instead he chose to marry Kate Middleton, and the rest is history.

Yet the thought of Prince William and Britney Spears engaging in a brief but passionate dalliance, away from the watchful eyes of his father, her father and the whole world, is a beautiful fantasy, a discarded one. Hallmark Christmas movie which was never made, but should have done.

Perhaps there is a hint of remorse here that Andersen is sneaking over; I’m sure William is happy or something like that with Kate. But perhaps in the darkest corners of his bedroom at what a damn palace he lived in as a teenager, which is a box containing all his correspondence with these women – relics from the days when he tried to sow them oats as far as the eye can see. [Us Weekly]

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