NZ’s ‘Lion Man’ behind two formats as he tries to return to screens – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: New Zealand’s TV personality Craig Busch AKA The Lion Man is trying to return to TV screens after more than five years with a duo of formats.

The Lion Man’s Adventure and The Lion Man’s Wildlife Kitchen will film in 2022 and 2023 in Busch’s new South African park, where he brings together an ensemble of co-stars, difficult situations and animal visitors. None of the shows are linked to a TV station, and One World Pictures produces in collaboration with the Busch Wildlife Foundation.

Lion Man’s Adventure will continue where Busch left off African safari, which aired for two seasons on Discovery’s Animal Planet until 2015 from New Zealand, South Africa and England.

The show will follow Busch and his many interactions with the various animals, along with the construction of his new park.

In the meantime Wildlife Kitchen will see Busch rattle up some of his favorite dishes, including Mexican burritos, roasted tuna and beef fillets, all in the background of a crop of wildlife.

Busch first found fame in the New Zealand TV station TVNZ’s The Lion, which ran for four seasons from 2004 to 2008.

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