Penelope Disicks Tiktok is full of her favorite beauty products

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I write a lot about favorite celebrity beauty products of different celebrities, whether they are the ones they actually use or the ones they get paid to pill. I never thought I would write about a nine-year-old go-to product, but Penelope Disick’s TikTok is full of gems. The daughter of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick has been posting on TikTok for the past few weeks under a new account apparently managed by “two adults.” While I’m sure mom looks at what she’s posting to ensure safety, it’s clear that P is the brains behind the videos, and let me tell you, the girl has talent.

My old millennial brain can barely make TikTok videos, and they take me much longer than they should. Penelope, on the other hand, easily goes from lip-syncing an Eminem song from before she was born to showing what she packs for the holidays with the family. It looks like she’s picked up pointers from her mother and aunts when she shows the packaging and then the satisfying inside of a body scrub or face wash.

In a series of videos, Penelope shows off her favorite products from Kylie Skin and Kylie Cosmetics – she obviously has the clutch. However, she does not only use her family’s brands. She also has some Honest Beauty and Le Lebo in there. The girl has taste. Influencers and brands jumped into the comments to note that “she’s so good at this” and “kylie got them all involved, genius.” Others believe that there is no way Penelope will showcase these products. She is nine years old and the nail extensions are a little mature. But there is another video where Penelope shows that she gets exactly these nails so they are definitely her hands.

Are you curious about what products Penelope loves to show to her (and her mother) 2.3 million followers? I’ve put them all together for you (minus a few sold out) below.

kylie skin cleanser

Kylie skin.

Kylie Skin Makeup Melting Cleanser

Penelope needs this makeup-removing face wash after she enters Aunt Kim’s makeup store.

Honest Beauty Organic Facial Liquid 9-year-old Penelope Disick has just revealed that she goes for beauty products and no, I'm not kidding

Honest beauty.

Honest Beauty Organic Beauty Face Oil

This gentle face oil contains avocado, apricot and jojoba oils.

her detox scalp scrub


Her Detox Scalp Scrub

Maybe Jennifer Lopez, who collaborated with Hers on hair care, gave this exfoliating sugar scrub to Penelope. It contains salicylic acid and sugar granules to exfoliate the scalp and break down buildup.

le lebo hand soap

The laboratory.

Le Labo Hand Soap

P has fancy taste when it comes to hand soap. Le Lebo’s has a plant-based formula made with sea buckthorn and rosemary leaves.

Heritage Store Rosewater Glycerin 9 year old Penelope Disick has just revealed that she goes for beauty products and no, I'm not kidding


Heritage Store Rosewater & Glycerin Hydrating Facial Mist

This affordable rose water spray is a favorite to refresh the skin all day long.

le labo santal candles

The laboratory.

Le Labo Santal 26 sets with 3 concrete motifs

It looks like Penelope is a Le Labo fan. She shares this soy wax candle, which now comes in a smart holiday set.

kkw Gardenia

KKW Fragrance.

KKW Fragrance Crystal Gardenia

It seems that Penelope prefers Aunt Kim’s fresh, white floral scent.

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