She’s lying about me on YouTube

DEAR HARRIETTE: My friend has gained great popularity through her YouTube channel where she tells long and interesting stories while doing her makeup.

Harriette Cole

Lately, I’m guessing she might be running out of ideas because many of her stories seem grossly exaggerated – if not entirely fabricated. I didn’t really mind until she started bringing my name into the stories.

She has not said anything bad about me, but the fact that she has used my real name to tell the stories certainly rubs me the wrong way. I asked her to stop and she was offended and said she thought I would enjoy being mentioned on her popular channel.

I want to clear my name, but I do not want to ruin her credibility. Should I just stand by and let her continue to lie, or should I expose the fake stories?

Friend is lying to YouTube

DEAR FRIEND LIES FOR YOUTUBE: Privacy is a major issue and an immediate challenge in the world of the internet. You have the right to ask your girlfriend to stop using your name in her stories.


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