The official Game Of Thrones Studio Tour opens in February

It’s time to scale The Wall and cross the narrow ocean and dive deep into the world of your favorite and least favorite fantasy series, “Game of Thrones”. See, we each have something special and different that we hate at last season, but if you can close your eyes and go all the way back to the halcyon days of 2011, you will find that you still have a little bit of love in your heart for Starks and Lannister and all their strange / sad friends / enemies. Try to harness that energy and excitement, for the official “Game of Thrones” studio tour opens in Banbridge, Northern Ireland, and it honestly sounds pretty cool.

Look, I’ve read the books, and I’ve found myself never getting a satisfying ending to a series I’ve enjoyed a lot. I understand well that it’s easy to feel disappointed with a franchise in so many new and fun ways, but that does not mean you can not be hyped about props and scenery, because props and scenery are a kind of rules.

Located in Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, the “Game of Thrones” study tour will offer 110,000 square feet of interactive experience, which is many feet. So many feet. And all those feet are stuffed with the stuff that made “Game of Thrones” feel so immersive and magical. From the Great Hall at Winterfell to the Dragonstone Throne, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with some of the most iconic sets in the series. There are also tons of props, costumes and smaller chunks of ephemera like concept sketches and explorations of makeup and prostheses used on the set. Personally, I have to touch at least one of the swords. Let me keep Ice, you cowards! I promise I will not break it or mutilate anyone!

Spend a day in the seven kingdoms

If you’re a “Game of Thrones” fan (or even just a “Song of Ice and Fire” fan), this study tour has been perfectly designed to make you feel the 2011 levels of excitement surrounding the series. But even if you do not know your Targaryens from your Blackfyres, it still looks like a good quality way to spend a day. I think touring in a once closed studio and getting a pretty detailed look at the creative process in a widely acclaimed TV show would satisfy the TV nerd in anyone. As Andrew Webb and David Browne, CEOs of Linen Mill Studios, said:

“After many years as a closed and ‘off limits’ film studio, it’s now time for fans from all over the world to step into the Seven Kingdoms and make their own personal journey through Westeros’ world at Linen Mill Studios.”

So get vaccinated, book your plane (or train / bus ticket), and get ready to hike through Westeros when the official “Game of Thrones” study tour opens its doors on February 4, 2022.

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