Vanguard Glitch has guard dog on for its owner

A Call of Duty: The Vanguard player’s streak was brought to an abrupt end when their watchdog unexpectedly turned on them during a fight.

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One Call of Duty: Vanguard the player learned the hard way that a bizarre mistake can result in their normally loyal watchdog turning on them in the middle of a fight. Developer Sledgehammer Games brought dogs back into the fight for their latest entry, much to the annoyance of many for a long time Call of Duty fan. Attack dogs so far feel incredibly overpowered, largely due to their ball-spongy nature that makes them difficult to send even for skilled players. Their continued inclusion in Killstreaks has also been met with contempt among members of the community.


Treyarch introduced Attack Dogs to the world of Call of Duty in the 2008s The world at war. They were also overpowered in the special adventure, many remember. In terms of multiplayer, Attack Dogs have more or less changed the balance of things. Hopes were high that Sledgehammer had fine-tuned the dogs before their return Vanguard, perhaps by figuring out an exact science that would allow canines to easily fit into the rest of the quick action. So much has not been achieved and a new mistake suggests that something is terribly wrong with Vanguard’s Watchdog AI.

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Earlier this week, Reddit user stonks_xd uploaded a video of strange behavior from their watchdog in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Things seem to go smoothly in the first few seconds of the clip, then a prompt pops up for Guard Dog Killstreak encouraging the player to make use of the armored dog. But suddenly man’s best friend becomes hostile. In seconds, the watchdog goes from protecting its owner to attacking and killing the very same person. This will no doubt result in trust issues in the future. See how the chaos unfolds in the following video from stonks_xd.

At first glance, it may seem as if another player’s watchdog is launching the attack. But KillCam shows that no one else has control over that dog. This just marks another example of one Call of Duty: Vanguard mistakes that cause chaos at an otherwise good time.

The latest set of World War II Call of Duty entry hit store shelves a little less than a month ago. Although it already counts among the best-selling games of the year, sales of the series have received a significant hit. In the UK, in fact, Call of Duty sells worse than it did over a decade ago before the brand became an industry man.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Source: stonks_xd / Reddit

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