Warframes’ next expansion The New War arrives this month

Digital Extremes has announced the release date of Warframes’ hefty new expansion, The New War. On December 15, players will be able to jump into a new set of campaign missions in the looter shooter, but instead of playing like your usual Warframe, you jump into the shoes of a lot of different characters. The developers call it a “biographical expansion” filled with stories that answer “long-standing questions” about the game’s universe.

We first saw some of The New War at TennoCon this year, where they showed off some impressive (and dare I say, cinematic) footage. The new trailer below is just as cool. I have not played Warframe, but I have always admired its amazing sci-fi scenes.

The New War is a free expansion that continues the existing “Cinematic Quest” line. You jump in as new playable characters on missions in new environments, including some of the open worlds that Warframe so often likes to add. Here’s a little blurb from Digital Extremes about who’s involved:

“Take control of iconic enemies, including Kahl-175 the Grineer, Veso the Corpus Tech and Dax: Teshin, as they battle across the Origin System to push back the invading Sentient force,” they say. “As the war rages, so will the struggle for the truth behind the conflict – understand Lotus’ past to unlock a new future.”

In addition to all that story material, The New War will introduce new customization options, weapons, accessories and the game’s special new Warframe, Caliban. The developers are adding some UI enhancements to help new players go back and play the rest of the story leading up to this point as well.

To prepare for the upcoming expansion, players can drop by the Prime Resurgence event, which is taking place right now, to earn a lot of smart Prime Warframes.

You must have completed the existing missions in the Cinematic Quest line to also access The New Wars new stuff, so make sure you’re all caught up by December 15th. Go to Warframes website for more information.

Warframe has added and improved so much since it was launched in 2013 that we reckon it is one of the best free pc games out there.

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