You can get a lot of free Aeos tickets in Pokemon Unite right now

Celebrate 2021 with 4042 Aeos tickets

‘It’s the season to give and TiMi Studio Group is giving away a ton of Aeos tickets Pokemon Unite. Right now you can log in and score two free lots of 2,021 Aeos tickets in a limited time.

Divided on Pokemon Unite Twitter account today, players can log in Pokemon Unite and get a free batch of 2,021 Aeos tickets between now and December 31st. You can claim Aeos tickets once a day on two separate days, so you can collect a total of 4,042 Aeos tickets just to log in. It’s all in celebration of Pokemon Unite win Google Play “Best of 2021” Users Choice Award in multiple regions.

With more Pokémon on the way, and seasons bringing in lots of new cosmetics, a few extra tickets is a pretty good deal. Plus, over 4,000 tickets are a whole lot of Item Enhancers. Time to boost the things you have not already gotten the most out of the previous Item Enhancer increase.

I have been quite surprised at the amount of support that is still rolling out Pokemon Unite as the months have passed. Granted, Pokemon Unite was already quite entertaining at launch. But small updates like this give me a decent reason to take one glory break and log in again. All the while, I still cross my fingers for an Umbreon or Arcanine addition to the game.

Pokemon Unite is currently available for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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