Deshaun Watson Saga tops the list of the best Texans stories of 2021

The new year is almost upon us, and despite the recent mini-race successfully on the track with two wins in a row, I do not know if I can ever remember a fan base (those who have kept sticking to ice), who is more excited about throwing a calendar in the trash and moving on than Texans Fans, 2021 Edition, and rightly so.

As you will see when we relive the “highlights” (MASSIVE air quotes around the word “highlights”), there is not a single top story for performance on the field, though I will admit the sudden sensational development sprint of Davis Mills makes me feel on a certain way. The good kind, to be clear. No, in fact, all the best stories from the Texans involve some sort of off-field soap opera, farewell, or mountains of legal paperwork.

So without further ado, here are the top five stories from one of the saddest, most annoying seasons that has ever been exposed to an NFL fan base. Here are the best stories from the Houston Texans in 2021!

5. Nick Caserio hired as new GM
Now this is the one story that has the highest potential for a solid dividend. In his two decades as a sparring partner and eventually the right hand man for Bill Belichick, Caserio earned a reputation as a future star GM. That’s a good thing, because I’m not sure God himself could fix the mess that Bill O’Brien left behind in his failed stunt as the worst GM in the sport’s history. But even what was considered a sensible, actually GOOD decision by Cal McNair was met with skepticism and anger because of how inextricably linked Caserio’s employment was to Jack Easterby, the pastor became CEO (and former Caserio colleague in New England) , which would have reportedly been fired by almost every other GM candidate. So far, it’s a massive “incomplete” for Caserio, who in my opinion can not be fully judged until (a) he has swapped Deshaun Watson, and (b) had a full range of draft picks for an NFL Draft. That time is coming.

4. David Culley hired as head coach
Three weeks after Caserio was hired, the Texans finally settled on the fourth full-time head coach in the team’s history, and it turned out to be someone who had the fan base and the media (I raise my hand here) frantically searching Wikipedia to find out , who the hell he was. Ravens wide receiver coach David Culley, a 65-year-old football life catcher, would get his first head coach appearance in his career here in Houston. In between the Caserio and Culley hires, rumors that Deshaun Watson would leave Houston had turned into a full-blown fire, and when Culley’s hiring was reported, Watson’s camp was announced with a confirmation that Watson wanted to be swapped. More on that in a moment.

3. JJ Watt Era is over
We PAUSED the Caserio / Culley / Watson drama to use this point to recognize the departure of the greatest Houston Texan in the history of the franchise, three times Defender of the Year JJ Watt. In February, the McNair family decided to give Watt his last wish as a Texan and release him from his contract, making him a free agent. Relive the grief here:

Watt would continue to sign a two-year deal in Arizona, to the surprise of a lot of experts and fans. Watt had a fine season in the desert when, ironically, in Week 7 against his former team, he sustained a season-ending shoulder injury as he tried to tackle Davis Mills. The last sentence is a symbol of something, I just have no idea what. The football gods sometimes have a twisted sense of humor.

2. Deshaun Watson wants out
OK, now back to the drama that has shaped and will shape the future of this franchise for years to come, maybe decades. That morning, when the hiring of Culley was announced, Watson’s camp made it known that he had no desire to stay to find out what the David Culley era was all about. Watson would like to switch to a place other than Houston. All signs are that Miami was, and still is, his first choice for a landing site, so much so that Watson was almost traded there by the 2021 trade deadline in early November. The only problem is … yes, it got really complicated, really fast for the Texans and Deshaun …

1. Deshaun Watson sued by 22 women for sexual misconduct
With the league year set to begin March 17, the night before March 16, high-profile Houston attorney Tony Buzbee wrote this on his Instagram page:

Eventually, the lawsuits would pile up to 22 in total, and the world would never be the same. Not for Deshaun Watson, not for the Houston Texans, not for Rusty Hardin or Tony Buzbee, and certainly not for Watson’s 22 prosecutors. While we sit, ready to call in 2022, Watson’s legal saga is still in “staring competition” mode, at least in public. Without a doubt, the biggest story of the upcoming NFL offseason will be the hopeful solution to Watson’s situation, and if the resolution has him as a negotiable asset, then the clock is really ticking on Caserio, as his last chance to accelerate the Texans’ rebuilding will be his to get a king’s ransom for Watson.

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