12 games to try when you want a good story or characters

Raz and his family are watching on a starry night on something that seems to worry them.

Screenshot: Double fine / Kotaku

Psychonauts 2 has a rather large cast of characters, large enough that one might expect some to be underdeveloped or forgettable. But in fact, most are memorable and have time to shine, often with fully realized bows, sometimes crossing over into other characters’ lives and traveling in comic or dramatic ways. Even better, none of these characters feel two-dimensional. Instead, they are portrayed as real people dealing with admittedly wild circumstances. I have met people like the energetic Raz, the serious but sad Hollis Forsythe and the strong but guilty Ford Cruller. And these characters and their personalities help ground even the most insane moments Psychonauts 2, making it easier to relate to them and to be invested in the outcome of their stories. – Zack Zweizen

And there you have it, our selection of some relatively new amazing games you can try if you want something with amazing characters, memorable relationships or insight into the human condition. There is no doubt that we missed out on some amazing ones, so share your favorites in the comments and help more get a bit of the human touch, in practical video game form.


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